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September 26, 2011

A Pathetic Protest Part One

Richard B. Weldon Jr.

There they go again!, the environmental "movement" and the Democratic Party's calendar must have a 90-day tickler note. Something like: Change of Season, time to go protest at Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's office.


The problem is that the media falls for the trick every time. Newspapers and radio reporters just can't resist the opportunity to cover a protest. Problem is: how do you call a small handful of Democrats and well-funded special interest groups a protest?


If this "protest" were anywhere else, on any other issue, it wouldn't warrant any coverage, much less lead-story coverage. Frankly, the 140lb watermelon at the Great Frederick Fair is much more significant than a couple of ex-hippies and disgruntled members of the party that hasn't been able to mount any meaningful challenge to Mr. Bartlett for the last two decades.


The Maryland Democrats seem to be obsessed with replacing the aging GOP representative. As if time and younger Republican challengers weren't enough, now Gov. Martin O'Malley appears likely to roll out a congressional redistricting map that places its bulls-eye squarely on the 6th congressional district. (More on that next week in Part Two.)


Back to the protests on Guilford Drive. It appears we have a new voice in Frederick County politics, namely the West 695 Political Action Committee.


Sounds impressive, no?


Dig a bit deeper. West 695 PAC lists their partners as:


·        State Democratic Party Organizations;

·        State/Regional Democratic Caucus Organizations;

·        Democratic Central Committees;

·        Labor Councils and Unions;

·        Legislative Liaison;

·        LGBT (for the uninitiated, that's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) Constituencies;

·        Young Voters – Young Democrats;

·        National Security, Military & Veterans Affairs; and

·        Social and Ethnic Minority Constituencies.


There's a revelation! West 695 PAC lists all of the predictably Democrat organizations among its partners, no new ground, no new issues. Dig even deeper, and almost all of the money they're using to fuel this anti-Bartlett, supposedly grass roots effort ,comes from the same places that Democrats have always relied on to pay for their campaigns.


Patrick Allen, West 695 PAC's executive director, writes on the website:


"Republicans, in all of their Baskin-Robbins flavors, stay on offense every day, of every week and every month of every year. They garner more air time on mainstream broadcast television and printed news outlets than Democrats ... not because they convey a message in the best interest of all Americans, but because their personalities, wacky antics and statements are considered to be newsworthy by network and print media executives."


Don't you just love these guys? Their salaries and costs are partly covered by big labor, but they accuse the GOP of staying on the offense every day.


Remember Teamsters President (and Chief Goon) James R. Hoffa, Jr., a few weeks back exhorting a crowd to "take out" the Republicans? I guess he felt that saying they should break out the concrete shoes was over the line.


As far as his ridiculous statement about wacky antics and media bias, well, that's just so stupid it almost defies comprehension. MSNBC's Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews are – if not more so – more wacky and outrageous than anyone on Fox News or even Rush Limbaugh.


In fact, all of them, on both sides, are more clowns than they are journalists. They preen and pose for the camera, slowing down long enough to deliver the most outrageous red meat lines for their followers.


So, let's not get too excited about these so-called protests.


How about some new protest qualification rules:


1.)     If your gathering is smaller than the line waiting to be seated at IHOP for the weekly fruit-covered pancake special, it isn't a protest.

2.)     If almost all of the money you're using to finance your protest comes from sources normally identified with a major political party, it isn't a protest.

3.)     If you recycle the exact same quotes and signs every time you gather (and you and couple of buddies gather in the same place more than two times a year), it isn't a protest.


Now if we can just get the media to pay more attention to the big melons!


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