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September 22, 2011

Have your Prozac at the ready!

Joan Marie Aquilino

What is happening in Maryland and in Washington is so depressing that it deserves an apology from columnists before one begins to read what they have written about it. It’s that depressing. But we can’t afford to ignore what our politicians are doing to us.


The Jobs Act and PlanMaryland are nothing more than power and money grabs along with many others. When asked how much it’ll cost, what are the benefits, etc., answers are never given.


Leaders worth their salt know how to ask the questions and aren’t afraid to keep asking until it’s on the record with foot firmly planted in mouth. Love when that happens.


It’s happening more and more and the public has finally had its fill and is beginning to see what is truly happening, mainly because we literally can’t afford it any longer and we have to pay attention. It’s not that we aren’t willing to pay our fair share – most of us are; but we have nothing left to give or to be taken from us. We are broke.


You can’t spend a gazillion dollars of taxpayers’ money and offer up a miniscule amount in return. These so-called jobs are costing taxpayers a million plus per job just to ‘create.’ It’s not the government’s job to create jobs. If it does its job and stays out of our way, the economy might actually start improving.


This is not a plan and it’s something this particular president has been demanding in one form or another since prior to even running for office. He’ll cloak everything in the terms of watching out for the middle class when, in essence, he’s doing only what he wants to do the way he wants to do it. He’s always been about a bigger, overwhelming, all encompassing, all powerful government since prior to day one of his term.


So, on the federal level, it’s not about what the public wants; it’s about what one single administration wants. They demand that we behave and ‘pass that bill.’ Sounds like a dictator to me. What about you? Mr. President, stop screaming at the American public, telling us what you demand we do.


As to the PlanMaryland snow job, that too is demanding that the owners of property do as the almighty government dictates. Come on people, when are you going to get a clue that the government isn’t meant to tell us what to do with our own property?


Stop being lambs being lead to slaughter. This ‘plan’ is literally trying to herd the Maryland public into city-type, multi-unit living whether we like it or not.


Take a look at Baltimore and tell me how that is working? Okay, Baltimore is too far away for you, so look at Frederick, our beloved city. Check the crime here. Do you honestly feel safe and secure walking in all areas of Frederick City? I don’t, and most of those to whom I speak don’t either.


And don’t forget city living also comes with what? Higher TAXES. That’s not to say city living is a bad thing. It’s a choice and aren’t we all still about choices? When our choices are taken away, what do we have? Socialism, plain and simple!


Taxes! How come when tax cuts are mentioned the politicians always pointed to the key trigger ones like welfare, seniors, Medicare, children, education, and police and fire? Are they the only things our government pays for with our tax money? DAH!


Of course not; but they are the items that scare the public and they are the only items that will get our attention. Demand cuts elsewhere. List everything you spend my money on and explain to me why and how you are spending it.


Stop telling me in Maryland, for instance, that you need to raise the gas tax for roads and infrastructure when at best it will be used for mass transit, and, at worse, you’ll just raid the fund and use it in areas you know the public wouldn’t tolerate you raising taxes to fund.


Do you realize this governor actually asked his staff to find anything that wasn’t taxed that could be taxed, and to find a way to do it? Yep, that’s pretty much it in a nut shell.


Even Democrats are saying enough; stop with the taxing. The upcoming special session will be the backdoor approach for adding taxes to Maryland. Will the Democrats who are against this tax-everything approach have any pull? I hope they do because we are lost otherwise. When even the majority party refuses to stem the flow of money from our pockets to the government, we are in trouble big time.


I’d like to believe that many of the Democrats I know are reasonable, intelligent people and know the American and Maryland public can’t sustain the pressure this governor and president are putting on the backs of so many of us. This isn’t about protecting us. This is nothing more than a power and money grab; and it’s this president’s and governor’s person bucket lists.


As frustrating as it is, we’ve got to keep our voices loud and annoying to make sure we can survive the next couple years. Stop, PlanMaryland, stop the septic bills, stop more taxes, stop, stop, stop it all. Let us live and make our way, let us grow and support ourselves. We need a self-sustaining public, not a government supported one. We need leaders who know how to lead rather than dictate.


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. . . . .'til next time . . .


“Just Joan” saying be safe and “don’t believe everything you think.”


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