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As Long as We Remember...

September 19, 2011

“Same Old Song and Dance, My Friend”

Adam Avery

Either our president knows less about creating private sector jobs than an enterprising five year old can demonstrate through a lemonade stand business model, or he and his assortment of czars are purposely offering Congress a plan with no hope of reversing the upward trend of unemployment.


It is tempting to choose the former. How much could a community agitator with no private sector work experience know about private sector job creation anyway? One would think, however, that his advisors would take seriously the crafting of a much hyped jobs plan and arguably the president’s last chance to prove to voters that he is qualified to continue his presidency into a second term.


President Barack Obama’s jobs tour began with him losing what was left of his dignity by begging a Joint Session of Congress to “pass this bill now” during a speech that sounded more like an infomercial for “Jobs in a Jiffy.” For only $457 billion plus shipping and handling, Americans can get back to work instead of sitting at home and taking advantage of a now-proposed 36 months of unemployment benefits.


His launch party for the details of his bill was predictable and staged. Surrounded by police officers, firemen and teachers, cued applause erupted as the president explained that passing his bill would guarantee police “remain on the beat” and teachers would remain employed to indoctrinate our children with progressive ideals in 35,000 “rebuilt” schools.


Appearing masculine and leader-like is not one of our president’s strengths. Appearing presidential is not one of his strengths, either. If riding a girl’s bicycle to a Martha’s Vineyard bakery to buy blueberry pie isn’t the quintessential image of metro-sexualism, tossing out the first pitch of a major league baseball game in “mom” jeans is.


The president’s strength is pandering. And no one panders to unions better than he does.


Since the president and his czars either don’t know, or are unwilling to propose a plan to get America back to work, I thought I would suggest my own jobs bill for your consideration.


Now to be fair, and to give you perspective, I don’t have a degree from an Ivy-League school, I have never been a community agitator, though I have tried my damndest. I never served half a term in Congress, and I don’t own a pair of “mom” jeans.


What I have is common sense, profit and loss responsibility for several small businesses I have founded or worked for in a managerial capacity. I have dealt with state and federal regulatory commissions and had to build the costs of compliance into business plans. I have a degree in Human Resource Management from Old Dominion University, some 30 years of private business experience as an employee, manager and “rich” small business owner, and the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to identify a need, develop a plan to service that need, and manage the process profitably to ensure continued employment for those who trust me to help provide them a continued livelihood.


A successful "jobs" plan includes eliminating burdensome regulations which suck private capital from business tills to government abyss, funds which would otherwise be used to reinvest in business expansion or upgrading of equipment.


My plan calls for a drastic reduction of capital gains, corporate and marginal income tax rates, which frees up discretionary income and capital to spend on goods and services or to be invested in new and existing businesses. Signing trade agreements which include tariffs equal to those imposed on us, which keeps open global markets for our goods at an equally attractive cost.


My radical plan would reduce our dependency on foreign oil and produce more homegrown energy by streamlining the permitting process and expanding access to offshore drilling for oil and gas in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, and building a pipeline from our friends in oil-rich Canada to existing refineries in Texas or North Dakota. Most importantly, my plan calls for thanking those who risk their capital, reputations and health to provide opportunities for others.


An unsuccessful "jobs" plan includes the same old song and dance of class warfare, rhetoric of taxing "the rich," and pandering to unions and those on the dole. It also includes defying science and economic reality by pushing a "green" jobs initiative which can't be supported by a free market and only exists because of government subsidies and a religious-like belief that man has everything to do with climate change and the arrogance to believe that man has any power over Mother Nature.


President Obama's jobs plan will fail. It is trite and simplistic, no doubt drawn up on a cocktail napkin somewhere between the 9th green and 10th tee box of the championship course at Farm Neck.


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