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September 15, 2011

Awaiting the Storyteller

Chris Cavey

A friend of mine, who is a pastor, recently inspired me. While preaching about the life of Moses he theorized that we (society) were in need of "storytellers." During the next 10 minutes I was mesmerized by what he said.


It was unbelievable how something so simple was not only the solution for our society, but our entire political system.


We, as a country, need to return and remember our forefathers’ stories of patriotism and pride. Our nation has become a lethargic group of sheep – waiting to be led by whomever is the political flavor of the day, year or decade. We have bred generations of voting citizens who have learned a limited amount of American history in public schools – and even that small amount of "knowledge" is watered down by academia's political correctness.


We have reared generations of citizens who live at the mercy of our government. Both those who have been dependent since birth on various social service programs and those who are later in life and dependent on prior promises of a fiscally sound social security and Medicare. We need to re-tool our coming generations to become more self-sufficient and less dependent.


America is extremely diverse. There is no candidate or person who can fulfill the ideals and desires of the entire spectrum of citizen wants and needs. As we continue to be more polarized, candidates continue to be drawn to the middle of the road in hopes of garnering enough votes to win office.


This eroding to the lowest common denominator of political ground is a natural occurrence due to the fact that neither end of the political spectrum can win without someone crossing the river of indecision to vote... with the exception of when one partisan side or the other just gives up, or sits idly by allowing the other side to win by default.


The key to our rediscovery of self worth is a storyteller.


President Ronald Reagan was a storyteller. He could communicate with the American people in a special way. He was easy to understand, calming, stood his ground and explained his thoughts so simply that people remembered. President Reagan talked about patriotism, values and the history of how we got here. He reached out to many, inspired confidence, and patriotism; then we learned and grew successful.


He was popular because he could communicate in common terms with a nation of constituents.


Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has storyteller abilities. He will not be the GOP nominee, but as a historian he understands and can explain his views to the common man in terms that are understandable. He is, like President Reagan was, a communicator who understands the current tribulations of America... but he is not the storyteller.


Our nation desperately needs someone to remind us of who we are.


We are a nation with proven unlimited potential, mired in the constantly increasing bureaucracy of red tape, regulation and historical guilt. We are teaching our children to be ashamed of the darker portions of our history rather than showing them these errors, using all of history's unforgiving and glaring detail. Instead we glaze them over with political correctness; how can we learn to better ourselves – if not by analyzing our mistakes?


We have also stopped being a nation of producers and have become insatiable consumers. Now, like all other consumer nations, we are left to the mercies of the marketplace... a marketplace we used to control and firmly dominate. Instead we foolishly attempt to use our government, through regulation, to unnaturally change the market. It does not work – nor will it.


The one great constant in our history has been the economic marketplace. No matter what we do – regulation, government programs, job creation or even war – the market will always find its level. Presidents, Congress and foreign governments have tried to intervene, but just like a pool of water after a great turbulent splash the economic marketplace will eventually level itself.


The story that needs to be told is an accounting many Americans do not want to hear. We will continue to polarize as a nation as long as the disparity between those who produce income and those who do not widens. The math is certain – eventually the few will not be able to support the many... and, in a democracy, it is the many who always has the most votes; and, so, it creates a death spiral.


I am waiting for a storyteller – not a prophet or a dictator – but a storyteller, someone who will inspire the American people to return to greatness. A leader who can bridge the public education and media misinformation gaps to explain what we must do to become a dominate economic power and proud patriotic nation once again.


We need someone who can lead us onto the next stage of greatness. Someone who will look into the future, yet remind us of our past.


I'm not yet sure who it will be... but, like you, I vigilantly await.


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