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As Long as We Remember...

September 12, 2011

The 9/11/11 Attack

Steven R. Berryman

Hope I’m wrong about a new or copycat attack on “Patriot Day” Sunday; this column was written on Saturday 9/10/11 in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of the past suicide bombings. As of this writing, rumors circulate; advice is cheap and plentiful. Here’s mine!


There could be one of two possible lead paragraphs for my regular Monday column on “All of the hype was a waste, and all remained as it was, with no bombings, violence, or attacks to commemorate the successful attacks on the anniversary of the WTC/Pentagon/Shanksville downing attacks. Sorry to have added to the paranoia.”




“I told you that an attack was imminent, based upon the sheer probability and laws of physics involved.”


I warned you about the detonation of a dirty nuclear bomb, the machine-gunning of a Metro train, and bombings at gas stations, grocery stores, movie theaters, and utility sites.”


Of course, our “soft targets” remain exposed, as we are a free nation, as opposed to a police state, and value our liberty and an open society. But that said, thank God that schools were closed on a Sunday with such a possibility of evil!


My heart-of-hearts goes with this latter scenario as my prediction, as much as I don’t want to become a larger version of what Israel has become.


The cost of freedom has become eternal vigilance. The United States of America is far too large to be protected by even a state-of-the-art security force containing marshals, sheriffs, deputies, and the various apparatus of the Department Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency, and the military, etc.


Individual citizens must be prepared to take care of themselves, as we do not know what peril may come our way. Did the Britishers in London have a fix for their unexpected riots? Could civilization be undermined or compromised by some devious sneak attack over the Internet or “false flag,” or other “back door” channel?


Other successful terrorist attacks have been characterized by their sheer creativity, willingness to change and adapt, and probability of finding enough of the disenfranchised in humanity to be willing to kill themselves in the process.


Many successive waves of attack have been thoroughly unique; this is a strategic advantage as preparations for the unexpected are always lagging reality. They know that.


I’m not advocating a paranoid response, but offer you the following admonitions and cautions:


*There will probably be some form of attack, although it may not be from our known enemies list. It may not even be on Sunday!


*The probability is for a lone-wolf event, similar to Timothy McVey and Oklahoma City.


*If it is the product of al Qaida, their goal would be to outperform the World Trade Center attacks; a radiological event, for instance. The idea would be to further undermine our sense of physical security forever.


*Note that the anger and bitterness level in America is now at fever pitch due to the failed economy and futile attempts to fix it, making recruiting from our slums, prisons and criminal underbelly that much easier.


*Remember that we have been extracting our pound of flesh all over the world for over 10 years now, losing – in fact – more soldiers in battle than were even lost in New York on 9/11/01.


*The unintended consequences of the above include the creation of a whole new field of martyrs in the wake of Afghanistan and Iraq; there could be literally thousands prepared to move against us if mobilized successfully.


What to do? Regardless of actual events on Sunday, be a better prepared citizen. Use your common sense and power of intuition. Listen to your own instincts in staying out of circumstances that lend themselves to a soft target attack.


If you are a home protection/firearms advocate, be prepared, but follow the law and especially safety requirements published by the National Rifle Association and others.


Be prepared to link up with your neighbors and family in a common local defense as needed. Your home should have provisions for an extended stay in any eventuality.


Keep some cash on hand. Keep extra fuel for camping stoves and/or your gas grill. Have extra medications that are urgent as needed. Dry and bulk canned foods should be bought in advance, just in case. Keep your cars’ gas topped off whenever nearing a critical juncture. Talk to your family about where to meet and how to stay in touch should communications break down.


Freedoms and liberty are certainly “use it or lose it,” but only the survivors get the exercise thereof.



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