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September 8, 2011

Bad News and More of the Same…

Joan Marie Aquilino

The news is so glum, the outlook so negative, and the day-to-day stories of so many are so very sad and depressing that it’s difficult to even write about them anymore.


Our president is in bed with thugs. Maryland’s governor is right beside him and they are the ones with all the control. How dare the Tea Party supporters even say they are unhappy – or worse yet – dare to take back America and make it the Grand Ole Dame of its past.


Pride is dwindling and we are becoming a split America. One side wants less government, more free choice, free will and less spending, all the elements that – for me – makes America the great place she once was and a leader of the world. The other side wants more government, more spending, and to unionize all, the type of place America has spent its entirety fighting against.


There are initiatives everywhere fighting childhood bullying. Well I, for one, don’t expect any changes when the adults leading those initiatives are nothing but adult bullies themselves. Pretty difficult to teach lessons not yet learned by the adults teaching them. We probably should be learning from our children rather than the other way around.


Always the eternal optimist, to the annoyance of many, I still retain some hope. We are America and Americans have faced down stronger forces than this president and this type of governor before. We didn’t allow it then and I pray we won’t allow it now.


Here is my insiders hope for change. If the strong and free-willed Americans, and the many local Tea Parties, weren’t doing so well delivering our message, the thugs would be ignoring us. They are so afraid and so up-in-arms that they are waging war against anyone who dares to buck the oppressive government system in place today.


We are like honey bees flying around their heads and our numbers and voices are growing hourly. They don’t have enough hands to swat us away any longer and now have to acknowledge and deal with us. We are their biggest fear!


Their way of dealing with us is to call in an exterminator (a.k.a. Hoffa-type union leaders). We all know what unions can and have done in the past! They used to help; now they bully and have gotten so powerful they attempt to destroy all those in their way.


Right here in Maryland all state workers have been forced to become dues-paying union members, all with the swipe of the governor’s pen thus giving themselves a $4 million raise on the back of the average middle class worker. The workers didn’t get a raise; they got a deduction taken from their checks. This completely removes any free choice they had in the past. Who and what is next?


Will the next be the elimination of all independent and small business owners? Family run businesses that are struggling day-to-day to run a business and be responsive to their customer base? How about those who are trying to work within the system and employ American workers, be it as an employee in the company or as a private individual contractor?


Union dues in many cases pay for the army that take down the little business owners and stage massive rallies. Union dues pay for the big dogs to attend and support the likes of the president’s re-election campaign and fund the Maryland governor’s personal bucket list. Does anyone even realize that once in a union you are working for them, not the employer any longer? Where does your free will and choice come into play? It doesn’t.


Take a quick look at the Maryland Workplace Fraud Act of 2009 just to get a tiny taste of what is happening in taking down and breaking of America and its small businesses. We are talking unclear regulations that leave it up to individual interpretations and difficult situations for individual family-owned business to find themselves.


It’s difficult at best to follow the myriad rules, laws and regulations, especially when you aren’t aware of them and you don’t know what the moving target is from day-to-day. This is but one example of the many thousands that this and other government agencies have dumped on the backs of business and ultimately the American worker. Practices not even pursued until it is of financial benefit to local and federal governments. It isn’t for protection of anything or anyone. It’s a money grab, plain and simple.


It’s becoming a difficult and extremely blurred line between what is union and what is government. They should remain separate and apart but, by all appearances, not at all what is actually happening.


********** September 11th **********


As the unhappy 10th anniversary of 9/11 is fast approaching, please remember all those who – without choice – were caught up in the tragedies of that day, especially the thousands who died as a result of terrorist attacks at three separate locations. And equally remember those who – of their own free will – made the choice to do whatever they could to help, many giving of their own lives.


We struggled and lost the war to keep our borders safe. Yet we allow a wall to be built within our own country, dividing its own people from the all powerful government, and, as our vice president so clearly put it when speaking about unions, the only other non-government force. That statement alone scared the beegibers out of me.


Shouldn’t our efforts be in building a unified front for all Americans instead of dividing us?



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. . . . .'til next time . . .


“Just Joan” saying be safe and “don’t believe everything you think.”



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