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August 30, 2011

Seeking Gadhafi for Revenge

Roy Meachum

Reminiscent of the search for Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, triumphant rebels are beating Libyan bushes, looking for Muammar Gadhafi; when they find him, they announced the 40-year dictator will stand trial and probably be executed, following the example in Baghdad.


Summoning up remembrance of the Middle East nation, the North African former monarchy will descend into chaos when the uprising’s leaders struggle for the throne of power. Having sharply criticized President Barack Obama for joining the NATO and Arab coalition – and proven dead wrong – congressional Republicans guarantee there will be no American boots on the Mediterranean corniche. The White House made the wise decision at the February start of the Arab Spring to maintain hands-off.


As the whole world learned in Iraq and Afghanistan, the cost of trillions of dollars and thousands of young lives, Washington proves ineffective in determining the fates of nations. To drive home the point, the publication of Dick Cheney’s memoirs this week presents a clear picture of how our costly wars started. Not at all his intention, the ex-vice president exalts former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who frustrated Desert Storm’s commanding general and the entire military/industrial complex by vetoing, as joint chief of staff chairman, the 1991 invasion of Iraq.


Seeking Colonel Gadhafi for revenge is the overpowering cry of the revolutionaries, but not unanimously. The New York Times quoted 29-year-old activist Mazigh Buzakhar: “I don’t think about him, he’s gone. He’s been gone since the 17th of February. He lost his legitimacy and he has nothing left. He means nothing to Libya or Libyans.”


Still, it’s easy to forecast Muammar Gadhafi in the courtroom on charges he slaughtered and tortured tens of thousands of his countrymen; to cinch the forecast there are the nearly 300, mostly U.S. citizens, who plunged to their death over Lockerbie, Scotland. American yells for revenge combine with others’. In our country, there is another element.


Those paranoiac about Muslims are even more paranoid about the growth of Islamists, those insistent that any change of government must be accompanied by Sharia, laws that are taken literally from the Qur’an. They choose to ignore in the largest Arab nation, Egypt, the formerly radical Muslim Brotherhood has moderated in order to gain a voice in the post-election power structure. As I said, these paranoiacs’ fears cannot be argued against. I tried, unsuccessfully in every instance.


Hanging Muammar Gadhafi by his neck until he croaks might satisfy the Times’ Ahmed Gharib and thousands around the globe who maintain his policies and acts must be avenged. Mr. Gharib was quoted: “Every tyrant has his end.”


But even the way the British fed Napoleon arsenic on the South Atlantic’s Saint Helena Island cannot be justified on the basis of 21st century ethics and logics. It would take a pre-history rationalization to execute the former Libyan dictator. After all, powerless he cannot commit such crimes again.


As the Muslims say, insha’allah! God willing!


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