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As Long as We Remember...

August 29, 2011

A Vote for Jobs Starts at Home

Adam Avery

While two of every 10 Americans remain un- or under-employed; while our troops fight wars with no clear objective and no end in sight; while our borders remain a porous political play; while the value of 401Ks and IRAs slump back to 2010 levels; and while our deficit and debt rise due to Congress' unwillingness to look past their own self interests, the dog and pony show circuit – beginning with the Ames (IA) straw poll – offered voters a false premise for meaningful change.


Grab yourself a corndog, or deep-fried pickle, and pull up a red, white and blue folding chair. The next 15 months promise an overdose of empty rhetoric disguised as forward thinking solutions to our country's problems.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry will put Americans back to work. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will cut taxes. Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann will give states the power granted to them by our Constitution. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will field dress bureaucracy and feed entrails to the biased mainstream media.


Bobble heads Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and the campy triumvirate at Fox and Friends will gleefully promulgate the farce of impending change, if only the majority of voters were intelligent enough to save themselves and our country by swallowing the dung of elephant rather than donkey.


Our problems are more severe than any change in the Oval Office of the president of The United States will fix, and more severe than a wholesale change in Congress will resolve. Our country is on the brink of bankruptcy, both moral and financial. Our problem, at the core, is our populace, half of which would have no idea how to take care of themselves even if they could be pried from the government's teat.


And to a large degree, it isn't their fault. They have been seduced by class warfare rhetoric granting them certain entitlements to replenish what the rich have stolen from them. Every problem – real or imagined – has a government solution, the cost of which is little more than filling out an application, not the proper cost, embarrassment and humiliation.


The reward for having been let go by an employer – or for quitting because the job wasn’t satisfying – is programs to replace the paycheck. How in the world can those who work and who vote for representation which reduces spending possibly compete with candidates favored by voters who are dependent on a government that has no intention of reducing unemployment benefits? Where does the incentive for work exist in a plan which allows the unemployed to receive benefits for two years?


The entitled class didn't form overnight. It has been carefully crafted over decades by politicians of both parties who understand that the best way to remain in power is to groom voters who depend on their handouts. The modern entitled has developed over the last two-and-a-half generations and given the attitude of today's dependent – fostered by government's willingness to extend the existence of every program – it will take generations to reverse.


More important than your presidential vote, or your vote for state or local representation, is what you can do at home to begin to reverse the trend.


Stop babying your children. Stop paying for everything they want. Stop letting them sit in front of the tube, joystick glued to hand, as you vacuum around them. Stop reaching instinctively for your wallet when they approach you with their request for handout. Make them earn their keep or lock them in the clutter they call a bedroom until they acquiesce.


Those of you who bought in to psycho-babble from family counselors, who convinced you to pay your children for doing chores around the house, immediately drown yourselves and your litter. You can't be helped. You are devoid of minimal parental skill and backbone. Your children have been infected beyond repair. We will change our country despite you.


The rest of us must commit to teaching our children that no job is beneath them. We have to demonstrate how showing up for work early, staying late and out-working peers will eventually lead to additional opportunity and advancement. Our children need to learn for themselves how much more gratifying it is to earn (respect, accolade, or money) than it is to be handed.


Following basic principles of the value of work will eventually send into the world an overwhelming majority of young adults who either won't need – or will refuse to take – handouts from politicians dangling programs like dealers dangle crack cocaine.


Our children will look back and appreciate what we did for them. They will realize, like most children do when they mature, that the value we put on work is worthy of teaching their own children. In a couple generations we will have made noticeable progress. Not only will the act of work have been given a higher value than that of today, perhaps the majority of voters will finally understand that giving away other's hard earned money to able-bodied people damages all of us as individuals and a country.


Changing the attitudes by starting with our children is no guarantee to elimination of all waste and fraud in unemployment as well as other government programs, but it is a safer bet than doubling down on the rhetoric of a governor, cowboy boot deep in Iowan hay, dangling jobs created by government stimulus.


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