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As Long as We Remember...

August 19, 2011

The Blame Game Continues

Joe Charlebois

On President Barack Obama’s recent rural tour in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, he continually harped on the inability of Washington to put aside partisan politics and get the work of the American people done.


This is not a recent talking point as the president has been making this cry since taking office. He, who portrays himself as a great unifier, has only been a unifier in the sense that everyone should be unified behind him.


In reality President Obama has been the most polarizing ideologue in the White House in my lifetime. He has been unyielding in his role as the leader of the left.


In many ways I respect the president’s role as an unbending ideologue. I disagree with a majority of his stances, but I respect his role. With that said, the president has no moral standing with the American people to lecture those who hold oppositional views and are just as unwilling to bend as he is.


On his recent Rural Tour 2011 through the Mid-West, President Obama continually and firmly placed the blame for the economic woes in the hands of the Republican-led House of Representatives. this in spite of the fact that the president’s Democrat Party had control of not only the executive branch but both houses in Congress for the first two years of his administration and in that second year Congress failed to produce a budget which led to this summer’s showdown.


Here is some of what the President said to friendly crowds in Iowa and Illinois:


“I am pretty frustrated about that because, given the challenges we face, we don’t have time to play games…. They don’t have patience for the kind of shenanigans we’ve been seeing on Capitol Hill. They understand that now is the time for all of us to pull together and do what it takes to grow the economy and put people back to work.” – Aug 16th, Decorah, Iowa


“…part of that means that you have to put politics aside sometimes to do what’s right for the country.” – Aug 17th, Morrison, Illinois.


“There’s nothing wrong with our country – although there is some problems with our politics. That’s what we need to fix.” – Aug 16th, Peosta, Illinois.


The president seemed to contradict himself when responding to a question from a director of diversity at a local college. She voiced her concerns about political division within the country. In response, he told her that democracy should not be romanticized but rather described as a rough game where “folks are throwin’ elbows.”


He went further: “Ya know democracy is always a messy business…We kinda romanticize sometimes what democracy used to be like…” But he reminded the crowd that it has always been like that. He also mentioned how Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had their well-heated disagreements about the direction of the country, as well as many others.


He even attempted to relate his current situation to that of Civil War President Abraham Lincoln’s time in office. He said, “Lincoln, hey, used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.”


Now if the president is trying to say that the political system in Washington needs fixed, but it has been this way for over 220 years, then what is the message that he is trying deliver?


The electorate clearly wanted divided government he stated, but why? The reason the electorate wanted a divided government is because they wanted a counter to a runaway federal bureaucracy. They wanted two separate opinions represented and fought for, and what little legislation that would pass would truly be necessary. They realized that bipartisanship and/or one-party rule leads us away from constitutional principles and closer to a European socialism that runs contrary to our founders’ ideals.


Interestingly, the European nations that have traveled this road full of potholes and toll booths have either dismissed the “bridge out” sign or driven off the cliff (Spain, Greece). Some have either hit the brakes – or turned around – realizing that disaster is just around the corner.


The United States isn’t turning around. With one-party rule or “progress” under the guise of bi-partisanship, this administration – with the top down and music turned up – has turned a deaf ear to the navigators in the back seat.


Can we let Paul Ryan drive?


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