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August 15, 2011

No Insiders for President!

Steven R. Berryman

Based upon a sea of “throw the bums out” sentiments, and a bi-partisan/bi-cameral call for term-limits across the board, no current GOP primary contender could beat President Barack Obama for his second term.


I don’t care who thinks it’s their turn to be leading the Republicans – Mitt Romney – but this is about who could beat a powerful incumbent. Somebody needs to come out of left field at this point to save the day – a Chris Christie, or a Jeb Bush – otherwise we’ll have another John McCain flop campaign. One would have to merge all of the best salient qualities of at least two frontrunners to even get close to a winning package.


That said, the GOP strategy overall seems to be to hope President Obama continues to defeat himself, as in “Only Obama can beat Obama.” The economy would need to continue to fail for this to happen, and I refuse to take any part in that one!


So, for those of us who believe that the president is playing politics with our economy instead of fixing it, where do we go from here?


From a true local tea party perspective, I would say the solutions to our long-term economic woes come from inside tea party ideology.


At the risk of redundancy, these solutions include reduction in the size of government, and the current budgeted line items themselves – as opposed to cutting fuzzy future junk programs or cuts in programs never meant to be. Additionally, this includes faithfulness to the Founders original intentions in The Constitution, which would include the return of power to the state governments.


These solutions will go down hard in Democrat-controlled Maryland, where 25% of the population is immediately impacted by public spending and government doled jobs; a $300 billion defense-intelligence industry is supported here.


The Republicans siding with the Tea Party are your most sincere candidates. And …you know this is true because of the “attack mode” against what is trumped up to be a codified Tea Party, currently being conducted by a White House-directed basement boiler room operation, supported fully by their mainstream media provocateurs.


Gandhi’s quote: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win” is appropriate of this continuity.


It’s the win part that concerns me. First you need a candidate.


Newt Gingrich had the intellectual ability and was able to project his concepts, but crashed and burned. Chris Christie had the fearlessness and ability to sacrifice his personal position for saying what was right, and then took a cop out. Jeb Bush was the smarter of the two brothers and hopes for an easier 2016.


Too late by then.


And then there are the Iowa Straw Poll “winners,” this past weekend. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., MN) may be working the hardest, but she also paid off the crowd with thousands of $30 tickets handed out selectively by her staff’s organization. By beating the real winner, Rep. Ron Paul (R., TX) by 200 votes, she proved that money can buy elections. Of course, President Obama will raise a billion dollars for the same reasons.


I’ve met Ms. Bachmann and heard an entire stump speech in which she didn’t mention the Tea Party even once. I doubt her sincerity, but applaud her tenacity. Reminds me of a national level Kathy Afzali, except that Kathy has embraced the Tea Party formally.


Herman Cain puts the best voice to Tea Party principles of any of the current candidates, but he is just not cut out for the job; not enough experience, excepting business. Note that Mr. Cain added jobs while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney presided over corporate deconstruction during his career.


To top that off, Romneycare will prove to be the immovable object in a predictably self-defeating attempt for office. A viable candidate must be able to overthrow Obamacare.


And then there’s the wild card, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin: stalking the primary preambles via stealth helicopter; she jumps out every once in a while to see if she’s still recognized. At least she assumes the mantle of what is the Tea Party….but no guts, no glory.


I’m still watching the cornfields in left field to see who might be walking out to save the Republicans from some compromised mediocrity. But for an insider to win, they’d have to embrace the Tea Party.


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