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August 15, 2011

Frederick’s Unappreciated, Valuable Asset

Michael Kurtianyk

Recently on Frederick’s Forum on WFMD-930AM, Frederick City Police Chief Kim Dine remarked to me off air that since arriving here in 2002, he has worked with three different mayors: Jennifer Daugherty, Jeff Holtzinger, and Randy McClement.


Chief Dine may have outlasted the first two thus far, and it is our hope he will stay in Frederick City for years to come.


One thing that impresses about Chief Dine is how accessible he is. He walks the beat with his fellow officers; he is available to the media; and he is known to many for his ability to lead investigations through to the end. Chief Dine, in the short time he has been here, has indeed done much for the community. He truly exemplifies his department’s Mission Statement: … to provide professional police services in partnership with our community.


Yet, what are Chief Dine’s accomplishments? As expected, they are many. In the past nine years, the department, under his leadership, has done the following:


·        Built partnerships throughout Frederick City through strong community policing efforts;


·        Improved customer service and technology;


·        Reduced crime;


·        Implemented effective crime fighting and community policing strategies; and


·        Successfully acquired grants to maximize resources.


The department has also increased the various patrols in Frederick City, including Segway, bicycle, and foot patrols. It is well known that corporals and sergeants oversee each Neighborhood Advisory Council areas.


When it comes specifically to crime, the Frederick Police Department can trumpet the following success: In seven of the past nine years, reported Part 1 Crimes have been reduced.


What, you may ask, are “Part 1 Crimes?” Well, they are defined as those major crimes police agencies report to the Federal Bureau of Investigations under the Uniform Crime Reporting system. These include homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson.


As if this weren’t enough, as the city’s population continues to grow, the Police Department has continued with other successes by implementing the following programs:


·        Red Light Photo Enforcement Program;


·        Photo Enforced Speed Camera Program in school zones;


·        Collaborative Supervision & Focused Enforcement (CSAFE) Grant, expanding the focus in Frederick City;


·        Gang Resistance Education and Training;


·        Camera Program in all city parking decks;


·        Electronic License Plate Readers, so that police officers can check license plates while on patrol;


·        “Warrants on the Web,” an online database of those with open warrants; and


·        Project EXILE, which shifted the prosecution of illegal gun possession offenses to federal court, rather than in state court.


As Frederick City’s population has increased to over 65,000, the crime rate has decreased to 341/10,000. Here’s a look at the numbers:


Year                 Population                    # of Crimes per 10,000 Persons

2002                 54,538                                      497

2003                 55,821                                      422

2004                 57,019                                      410

2005                 58,885                                      351

2006                 59,843                                      378

2007                 61,508                                      367

2008                 61,537                                      377

2009                 62,505                                      368

2010                 63,473                                      341


One of the areas which has impressed the most people has to do with technology. Many especially like that the department has created, which gives residents, specifically those involved parties, the ability to obtain accident reports through this web site. This improves customer service and makes better use of personnel.


The department has also obtained new digital video and audio equipment. The audio equipment has been used to enhance the department’s radio and communications center telephones. The digital video equipment has been used for the interior of the police headquarters camera system.


The Frederick City Police Department has done much for its citizens, thanks to the leadership of Chief Dine, and the honorable officers who work in the department. Frederick City residents can take pride in its police department.


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