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August 9, 2011

America’s Worst Week

Roy Meachum

The week past is easily the worst in American history – certainly in my long lifetime – crowned by the useless murder of 30 young men who were this country’s best of the best.


Impelled by excessive greed to the personal level, it’s truly impossible to fix the blame for the mess that led to the threat of the nation defaulting its debts and obligations. Millions were lost in money and thousands of jobs to the international uncertainty in the market place. The debt ceiling and federal spending cuts were fixed at the zero hour before the Treasury was legally bound to announce the country was in default.


As a direct result, Standard and Poor’s lowered the United States’ credit rating. While there a various partisan reasons, the rating company came out and declared flatly that the basis lay solely in the absence of credibility that loans would be repaid. The identical justification for the Better Business Bureau and financial institutions flags persons and companies much smaller than America’s federal establishment.


Put plainly, lending costs increase when creditors are nervous about their money returning. The number of debts doesn’t matter as long as payments arrive on schedule. When Congress departed for their home states and districts right after deal was set, the Federal Aviation Administration ran out of power to collect taxes on each passenger; the airlines became the beneficiary to the tune of an estimated $400 million. The telephone came in handy to stop the drain on taxpayers’ pockets.


Emphasizing the sway the Military Industrial Complex holds on Washington, the totally useless war in Afghanistan took 30 lives, mostly from the SEAL Team 6, recently celebrated for ridding the world community of Osama bin Laden. The Navy was quick to say none directly involved in the terrorist’s removal was killed by a Taliban rocket, according to Sunday’s media. Almost incidentally, The Washington Post reported the death of a Silver Spring resident in Logar province. Specialist Barun Thai bore an Un-American name; it didn’t matter. He belonged to the Corps of Engineers, not a first-line combatant. He died anyway.


Meanwhile, the State and Defense Departments engage in fierce debates with our “allies,” Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to keep U.S. troops after the rescheduled scheduled deadline, despite hot and heavy accusations that American military actions take too many local lives and ruin too many sleeps. I’m not making this up. Several times a week Washington is served with deadly allegations.


As readers know, I opposed the invasion to grab Baghdad and the expansion of forces to keep the Taliban out of Kabul. But there were too many prospects and promotion for the military and excessive profits for domestic corporations. The bill for corruption continues to mount. So far, the estimated bill totals upwards of seven trillions – that’s 10 times $700 hundreds billions – and they’re climbing quickly. At the same time, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and our educational system are under severe attacks.


If the wars – on Capitol Hill and other battlefields – were being fought for national honor, more citizens might understand, but “honor” is a poor substitute for a child’s dinner. Besides, the U.S. dignity and leadership are being riddled. We’re at the point Great Britain faced in 1956 when President Dwight Eisenhower ordered them to hightail it from the Suez Canal. Britannia no longer rules the waves – or much else.


I hoped the same thing could not be said about my beloved country in my lifetime. But U.S. self-destruction is coming faster than hoped.


As I lamented before, my sad, doomed republic – done in by excessive greed from too many hands.


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