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August 8, 2011

When Competition Distracts Patriots

Steven R. Berryman

When the politics of political divisiveness reach crescendo, as they are now during what was billed as America’s “Recovery Summer,” the nature of the two party system is revealed. It serves to sustain itself over the best interests of the American people.


Popular myth, reinforced in the liberal education system, is that Republicans and Democrats do battle against each other in competition for the best ideas and policy to maintain our constitutional Republic. A better analogy would be the Soviets seemingly waging the Cold War against our Unites States, but with the end-game really to make excuse for defense spending!


Where would Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon be without great bogeymen?


We live in a physical paradigm where DemoCans and RepubliCrats exist only in the “political continuum” as anti-particles against each other. The only two viable parties live on only because of the fact that they have a matching foil – each other.


The cash result to average American citizens is that neither party does its job of keeping the nation’s house in order. They simply take turns governing, each overspending on their own pet causes.


They joust over social differences but have taken turns overspending without remorse on fiscal issues.


One will overspend on the Great Society social programs, and then the other will concoct a conflict. One party will complain against an ongoing “war” in order to gain office, and then propagate it just as readily as the other would have.


In net fiscal outcome for our nation, it has never been about proper budgeting or planning. Never about reading the right tea leaves or finding that perfect economic theory or economist.


This “collusion with illusion” between our two parties has resulted in a true polarization in America, much to its distress. Winner-take-all politics has recently spoiled what could have been real compromise.


The best example of this has been the final solution to advancing the debt ceiling, aka “kicking the can down the road.” Both parties successfully avoided bringing to the table a solution that would have included reducing government to a manageable, right-sized level.


Specific – worst offending – departments were not selected for line-item evaluation. One could argue that we have entire agencies that could be consolidated – or eliminated – due to duplication, redundancy, or irrelevancy!


A simple solution could have been to go to each and every distinct cabinet secretary and ask for a seven percent giveback to the Treasury. I’m not talking about promises to un-spend money that they projected going forward but to reduce from the current budget.


And not willy-nilly but in a thoughtful and conscientious way, after taking learned partners.


I do not mean via “super-Congress,” or a “super-committee,” or a super anything! An added extra-constitutional layer would distract from Congress’s own sworn responsibility, and simply provide cover to railroad bad plans without proper vetting and due process…while insulating the jobs of said Congress.


Don’t forget that the debt ceiling bill was passed without looking at the final product and subjecting it to scrutiny, analysis or debate. Per this post by the group “Campaign for Liberty,” even the GOPs bragged-upon “Three Day Rule” was violated fully. See this link:


Does this remind you of Nancy Pelosi’s “We had to pass the bill in order to see what’s in it.”?


And so the distraction of our nation, propagated by public anger from the polarization, rules the news. Rudeness rules in the media as MSNBC and FOX take turns telling half-stories and “lies by omission.” NPR continues to push the Obama Administration’s agenda with your tax dollars.


Folks, please get your information from many, many sources to even out the content!


Yes, the media-bias has gotten so bad that it’s almost time to reinstall an upgraded “fairness doctrine,” but one that works!


But what of the third party, you know, that “Tea Party?” you might ask. I have described them in my Frederick News-Post column [A Political Fix ] and I have a unique take on the matter…


…That there is no real Tea Party as such. They exist only in fable and in song. They remain diffuse and amorphous, a true grass roots, popular movement in the most positive sense – but leaderless.


The media only gives Tea “street-cred” in faux admiration for their new clout; but beware: this is only in order to make it simpler to demonize a large group of disassociated concerned American patriots.


Good luck to that! Not.


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