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March 5, 2003

Donít Believe What Other Say! Read It For Yourself

David 'Kip' Koontz

A letter went out recently from the Frederick County Chapter of the Christian Coalition that implores the readers to "wear the armor of God fearlessly" while taking a stand to defeat, what it calls, "madness" of the state's efforts to include "sexual orientation" in the Board of Education's anti-harassment policy.

The letter is a bunch of untruths about the bill and its intent.

The letter reads, "Can you imagine a five year old being taught that homosexuality is normal, acceptable, and even healthy!"

Well, as proposed, House Bill 435 does not in anyway deal with school curriculum. So nothing of the sort will ever be taught to children.

The bill will, if approved, add the language "sexual orientation" to those classes of students, (race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, mental, physical or sensory disability, or any other distinguishing characteristic), who, if they are physically harmed, or are harassed or intimidated by others in school or on a bus, will have a right to file a complaint with the school - and have it taken seriously.

It also goes on to say that if a faculty or other staff member sees this behavior, they must report it.

Additionally, school systems must establish anti-harassment guidelines and prevention programs that explain what harassment and intimidation are.

That is all, folks.

Please do not get caught up in the militant heterosexual agenda that if allowed to succeed, will continue to allow those students who are, or are perceived to be, gay to continue to be bullied, taunted and harassed with no recourse.

School life is difficult enough. It is even more difficult when one is thought to be the school "sissy" if one does not play sports well enough, for instance.

Most of us know someone who wasn't gay but was thought to be because he was bookish, "geekish," a scholar, and not the star athlete.

Imagine how the taunts and intimidation frightens someone who may be struggling with their identity issues, let alone someone who isn't but gets it anyway because he doesn't "quite fit in" with the status quo.

This law has nothing at all to do with teaching or promoting homosexuality. It only promotes a safe and secure environment for all students.

To say otherwise, as the Christian Coalition claims, violates at least two tenets of The Ten Commandments that we as Christians follow. They are "thou shall not lie," and "thou shall not bear false witness."

As we enter the holy season of Lent, wouldn't it be nice if it were Christ's teachings of love on which all Christians were focused?

Instead, some choose to promote an unsafe and frightening environment in which some students face in our public schools.

That is not to be found anywhere in the Bible.

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