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July 29, 2011

Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Roy Meachum

Even after Norwegian police posted Anders Behring Breivick’s picture on the media, a right-wing, anti-Muslim friend cautioned that I should not “assume” Islamists were not involved in last Friday’s horror.


Based on a false assumption, many Americans attributed the Oklahoma City’s explosion and the Unabomber’s series of mailed bombs on anti-American forces, notably Muslims. But Timothy McVeigh and “Ted” Kaczynski have Christian names. Bill O’Reilly blasted the press for labeling Breivick a Christian which the Norwegian terrorist describes himself. I find much of Mr. O’Reilly’s ranting not worthy of Jesus’ basic teaching, “Love one another.”


Having first read the Qur’an, the writer of a letter to The Frederick News-Post editor proclaimed Islam’s Holy Book anti-peace. Every Sunday in New Market’s Grace Episcopal Church I am read parts of the Old Testament, in which God smites mountains, drowns Egyptians by the thousands and sends plagues on entire populations. Then there are Sodom and Gomorrah. The real difference in the parts of the Bible is Christ’s teaching of love, repeated many times.


After living months in Cairo I believed in the sincerity of the universal greeting, “Salaam aleichem” (Peace be with you). As a very obvious foreigner with blue eyes, I was never assaulted, my personal effects not robbed. I returned from Egypt and visiting Morocco with friends left behind. The then-president of the Frederick Islamic Society, Khalil el-Shazly, earned my great respect by the dignity he led his fellow Muslims through the rage and storm that followed the Twin Towers and the Pentagon slaughter.


Al-Qaeda followers spit in Prophet Muhammad’s eyes with every crime against humanity, but their actions must be attributed to politics, not religion. The ongoing terror in Iraq and Afghanistan proves the point.


Thanks be to God (al-hamdilullah), recent news reports suggest the late Osama bin Laden’s organization is drying up for the lack of money. Suicide bombers will still thrive in Pakistan and India, again for political purposes – a continuation of the rivalry that split the sub-continent after the British withdrew in post-World War II.


The United States’ latest domestic religious fury over religion is caused by anti-Mormon bigots who want to keep GOP primaries’ favorite Mitt Romney out of the Oval Office. It’s impossible to ascertain which rival is behind the whispering campaign. Again politics is at the roots. Not always. The origination of a great deal of intra-faith squabbling is geography, as in the Palestinian-Israeli non-stopping conflicts, as well as the Pakistani and Indian deadly mess.


Islamic antipathy toward the United States can be largely traced to America’s absolute backing of the Jewish State. The White House has never supported Muslims in any situation; the exception that proves the rule was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who commanded England, France and Israel to depart their freshly conquered Suez Canal. The ghastly damages to the USS Liberty and the heavy loss of Navy victims were swept aside in favor of Zionists’ fund-raising capabilities plus hard lobbying on Capitol Hill and the White House.


Anders Behring Breivick proclaimed he meant to stop Europe from becoming “a mongrel,” by submitting to many cultures, specifically he attacked Islam; he cited several anti-Muslim leaders who can sweep their fellow Americans into frenzy. All the cult leaders rejected Mr. Breivick and called him crazy. That’s the view I take of them, and every other ignorant bigot. Otherwise, they can be “nice” women and men.


History comes replete with nice people who created martyrs and killed innocent people.



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