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July 28, 2011

Solving Debt and Deficits

Amanda Haddaway

It seems that everywhere we turn these days there’s talk of debt ceilings and deficits. The financial picture for our government – at all levels – is dismal at best.


However, there’s an easy solution to solve these problems. What if governments instituted a stupidity tax? The most conservative readers will decry that another tax isn’t the solution; but just think about how powerful this stupidity tax could be!


Congress and the president are bickering and behaving like a bunch of school children over whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. They should simply think outside of the box and embrace a tax on stupidity. Perhaps they are concerned that they would be in the highest tax bracket under this new plan.


Even the most intelligent of people sometimes put their proverbial foot in their mouths. And certainly huge amounts of revenue could be obtained from our currently elected officials. Just turn on the news and you’ll hear of scandals and missteps across the country.


Make an inappropriate public rant about someone from the other party? That will be $500, please. Cheat on your spouse? Please pay $5,000 for your actions. It would only be a matter of months – maybe weeks – before the coffers would be brimming with dollars. The account balances would be well over where they were before the recession.


A stupidity tax would also help with crime. Clearly, our judicial system is failing in its abilities to impose appropriate punishments within the letter of the law. Crime is stupid and, thus, should have a stupidity tax in addition to the traditional court-imposed fines and jail time. The amount of tax imposed on criminals would be dependent on their level of stupidity.


Even misdemeanors and traffic violations have a certain level of stupidity. These offenders could also be taxed!


Estimates vary, but some say that only 40 percent of all Americans pay income tax. A stupidity tax could be paid by everyone – working people, unemployed people, rich people and poor people. No one is totally exempt from stupidity! Since all people would be impacted, it’s clearly a very fair tax. Only the most stupid would be taxed at exorbitant rates and they may not be astute enough to realize that they are paying more.


If we charge for stupidity, people won’t want to pay for it and, logically, the amount of stupidity would decrease. Over time, this would make room for taxes on dumb ideas, elected officials with big egos and many other infractions. Think about the unending supply of funds! The stupidity tax may be so successful that taxes on income, property and estates could actually decrease.


I urge you to write your elected officials and encourage them to introduce legislation in favor of a stupidity tax! Don’t delay – we need this money for the continued operation of our government!


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