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July 14, 2011

Take the bull by the horns…

Joan Marie Aquilino

Marylanders stand up now – or drown in a tsunami of never-ending tax increases. Wait and see approach doesn’t work. History has proven tax increases happen in the blink of an eye. Taxes can’t be taken to referendum; when it’s done, it’s done and you are stuck. No do-overs!


What is a person to do? Every single time you think you can catch your breath another economic tidal waves comes barreling down on those who are doing everything possible just to keep their heads above water. Every time that wave takes them under, they have to wonder if they’ll come back up for air this time.


I promise you it’s not a when; it’s a how much will they hit us with this time. Gov. Martin O’Malley doesn’t care; he’s on his way out and he’s busy working on his ‘personal legacy’. This includes banning septic systems, thus forcing farmers and rural development to go under, and to hell with protecting or helping the Maryland public. It’s the ‘all about them not us’ approach. It’s easier to control us if we all live in dense urban areas. Scary when you think about times and places this has happened in the past.


October 2011 will bring yet another very ‘Special Session’ for the Maryland General Assembly. The excuse is congressional redistricting, but that is just the cover for big and multiple tax increases. You will get hit with any and everything that could possibly be taxed or taxed higher.


We’re talking medicine, prescriptions, landscaping, accounting, internet sales, snack food and the always – and ever increasing – gas tax. A list is being prepared as I write this to find any and all areas that can be taxed. If they can figure out how to do it, I’m sure they’d tax every breath you take, in and out, no matter how shallow they are becoming.


Don’t fall for the same ole same ole. The government line is:





…and, of course, let us not forget the fall back one,



It’s for nothing other than the governor and his cronies funding their wants and desires and always focused on their personal legacy. As soon as the government gets its hands on your money, they raid those funds and use it for other purposes. Rarely, if ever, does it actually accomplish what it was promised to do.


The ASCFME union just got a raise July 1, 2011, thanks to Governor O’Malley and his mandate to remove money from state workers paychecks and give it directly to the union. A private entity is now being given state employees’ hard earned money without their consent, so the union can in turn give it back to the O’Malley campaign. Non-union state workers have no say. In any other framework this would be called extortion. In Maryland it's called just another day.


Give him five minutes alone with his liberal sidekicks and he’ll start charging you a tax on childbirth; wait, I better check on that, it might already be taxed.


Instead of cutting his out-of-control spending and misdirected causes, he just steals more from our already empty pockets. Don’t pay, they’ll take your property.


How’s that 'Free State' thingie working for you now? Getting that feeling you just can’t catch a breath? I am.


Below are some important links and I beg you to use them and use them every single day until you have their attention and they are listening to you. Tell them you’ve had enough and you are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Yes, I know the state isn’t the only problem, but we’ve got to win a battle here and there before we can win the war. Start at home – and keep at it.


Every single legislator can be found here:


Type in your address and find your particular legislators here:


Take Governor O’Malley’s and the liberal legislators’ Blank Checks away!


Now quick, go take a deep breath before you get taxed on it.


As always, we need to hear from you; so, let us know what’s on your mind by writing to, or contacting me directly at


. . . . .'til next time . . .


“Just Joan” saying be safe and, “don’t believe everything you think”


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