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June 20, 2011

Promised to No Man

Steven R. Berryman

My family and I have been living in an “altered state of awareness” since the recent motor scooter accident involving a 19-year-old close family friend, Alex Bodroghy, of Discovery in Walkersville.


He’s one of those children who hangs out with my eldest son and seems to just be another appendage to our clan. He’s been in the ICU of R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center of The University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore for almost two weeks now, and receives 24/7 care to stay alive. He suffered a massive brain injury.


His prognosis is uncertain, and he’s still not always stable.


There’s hope, but everyone involved knows that it will be a very long road to even get him fully stabilized, let alone allow for a semblance of normalcy.


Last Friday The Frederick News-Post ran in my regular Friday column space “In an instant,” which covered the crash and aftermath of the head-on collision, linked here in my blog: In an instant [traumatic brain injury]


In this column, I made a passing reference to helmet laws, as they would surely have impacted a still yet to be determined medical outcome. I was astonished by the number of people leaving comments on the column in the paper’s online version and on Facebook concerned with the civil liberties aspects therein.


(Should a government be in the business of “saving people from themselves,” as my friend Clint Brown pointed up? Arguably, if the costs of medical treatment are shifted onto the public sector at some point of financial exasperation, then probably so. However, this topic is for a future column.


Thanks to the Internet and social media connections, progress and condition updates are made available regularly that really bring this story and its life lessons home.


Teens especially do consider themselves to be virtually indestructible and have zero concept of death or possible paralysis. What they don’t know is that they are up against what I term (after a film by the same name) “the unbearable lightness of being.”


Our very thin human veneer of corporate existence as flesh and blood is vastly more tenuous than we appreciate on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes it does take a tragedy to be re-awakened to this truth of life.


And part of that truth of life – and its cost – is that someday you will die. The terms are undisclosed, and there is no deal-making.


For the young to be on the edge of such a life-altering tragedy, being un-sung as people, with their finest moments unspent as yet, is a circumstance painful to witness. But it is the nearest family members that become the real victims in another sense.


Taking time away from essential work, keeping up with bills, odd hours of visits, and the emotional ups and downs of the treatment take a massive toll.


We have witnessed a community coming together in response, including independent actions from the younger generation and their close circle of friends.


Taking action to help is a great release. I know that concerned friends are already planning fundraisers like car washes, and restaurants – like Frederick’s “Glory Days” – are donating proceeds from their sales, in July in this case, when dinner receipts are saved.


So, treasure your times together with friends and family; live life and enjoy it daily instead of waiting for some elusive special time, undefined.


Consider the circumstances of one cool young man, by buddy, Big Al Bodroghy.


…For “tomorrow is promised to no man,” or boy.


* * * * * * * * *


See to follow the story.


To contribute to the family’s massive needs there is a site set up now: “Support Big Al Bodroghy” P.O. Box 103, Walkersville, MD, 21793


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