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As Long as We Remember...

June 6, 2011

Naked Radio WFMD

Steven R. Berryman

Okay, now that I have your attention, the rest should be easy.  Getting people to read any more is quite the trick; the story of my recent airwaves weekend was fun to relive, though. It was naked. It was dirty. It was a dark and stormy night…


Saturday mornings won’t be the same on WFMD am930’s news-talk show Frederick’s Forum now that Adam Avery is moving out west. He’ll be roasted-in-fun at Barley & Hops Restaurant on Tuesday, by the way.


With Adam transitioning off of the line-up, I received a call from the show’s main moderator, the most eclectic (plus sharp, witty, fair minded, and attractive) Pattee Brown, with an open offer to do the two hours from 9-11am as a “guest host.”


The deal was: I’d get to pick the topic, and bring a guest of my own choosing for color and backup. How could a shy guy like me possibly pass up on that one!


Selecting my sidekick was the easy part. I’ve come to know the notorious and prolific blogger/writer artist/and sometimes politician, Kevin Dayhoff through this publications plus the monthly Tentacle columnists’ breakfasts – held at various secret locations.


Kevin knows everything, and when he doesn’t, his keen intellect can typically rig up a fine response on the spot, all the while with “half his brain tied behind his back. He stole the show as expected, and we could have filled four hours instead of our two, no sweat.


They could have called it “The Kevin and Pattee Show” by the second hour. As planned, I became the color-guy, guiding the show from the background, keeping us on-message.


Yes, I know how to lead from the rear, and from now forward wish to be known as “the architect.”


Surrounding myself with winners has always been my managers-credo. A master delegater and master-debater, to be sure!


Front and center of my brain was our topic to be, “American Exceptionalism,” which I had just penned about in my regular – every Friday – Op-ed column in my other journalism hideaway, The Frederick News-Post. Here’s a link to it that I reposted to my blog, MediaHooker:


(No Farrell and Joan, it was not out of a sense of ruthless self promotion and cross pollination of resources, but the original links to “The FNP” columns become invalid at random points of time as the columns are electronically archived in its process.)


Frederick’s Forum can be a lot of fun with Pattee Brown in moderation; she plays the best devil’s advocate, asks pointed probing questions, does a great job selecting guests to entertain her ever-widening audience. And knows when to shut up. All the while, running the audio board and fighting with the WFMD program director Frank Mitchell over trivial issues!


We breezed into our topic “bass-ackwards” for a half hour before American Exceptionalism was even properly defined – sorry audience – but we finally got there, eliciting more calls than we could take.


Deb from South Mountain, Sir Richard from Whittier, and The Woodchuck were but a few…


Yes, I blame the callers; that’s it…


You see, Kevin and Pattee can segue and tangent better than Craig Shipp – of – can Segway and text message!


So, right out of the chute Kevin and the callers got us on to subtopics of what has gone wrong in America. We hit the story of an evil White House in collusion with labor unions to keep the Boeing factory out of South Carolina. Corporations got a major thrashing for spending on lobbyists as opposed to spending on their fair share of taxes. American systemic corruption was leveled against the limp Congress – and evading the original intention of The United States Constitution. The two-party system was trounced.


This, plus our exceptionalism got ate by “Globalism.” CAFTA, NAFTA, and the sell-outs. [Mis-grammarization intended]


Cultural and financial greed seemed a common thread.


Of course, according to Wikipedia, American Exceptionalism is fairly close to:


“American exceptionalism refers to the theory that the United States is qualitatively different from other nations. In this view, America's exceptionalism stems from its emergence from a revolution, becoming "the first new nation",[1] and developing a uniquely American ideology, based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, populism and laissez-faire.”


…And you know that this is authoritative as it is the numero-uno hit when googled!


Pattee Brown picked up on one of my major contentions and insisted that we get more deeply into it.


What I will call the “positive patriotic nationalism” emanating from a proud America had been epitomized by one President Ronald Reagan. I call him the “brand master” for our nation, lifting us up with his words, as a good CEO would do for his own company.


In my mind, this has contrasted most dramatically (or traumatically) with words from our current president. Even on the original campaign trail all of the warning signs went unheeded; so, most Americans, take your share of guilt here, please.


What began with Barack Obama pushing globalism on his “world apology tour,” has morphed into what I will call “The Obama Doctrine.” I define this as “World, we apologize for claims that we are better than you, made by my predecessors. Our new goal as Americans is not to be better – or even be a shining example – but it is “to be the same.”


Why be better when you can be the same? Before we were different, but now we’re the same. Outrageous!


For more detail, please go back up and click the link to my FNP column and digest it. In a few days, WFMD will have a link to a podcast (the original audio recording) of the show up on its website and available without commercial interruption.


The naked truth can be dirty and ugly, and we may not want to hear it. But hear it and learn, and respond…we must.


Or be washed away as nation, “going European,” just another great failed social and political experiment, as was predicted once by the United States Communist Party, as far back as the 1920s.


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