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June 3, 2011

Serious Moral Problem

Roy Meachum

The Frederick News-Post’s Wednesday front-page ran the headline: “Hispanic father, son demonstrate drive to succeed…” Quickly the story reveals that Guatemalan Victor Arevalo and son Jorge Perez did not start the business.


The father was hired by Frederick’s Yellow Cab co-owners Jerry Wood and Blaine Young, the very popular president of the Board of County Commissioners, well-known for leading a crusade against illegal immigrants. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins previously had the corner on protecting the county from illegal hordes.


Quoted under the headline were the statistics produced by the 2010 census. As the largest urban area in the county, Frederick City is the heaviest in Latino immigrants. The federal employees record only race and nationality; they ignore legal status, as they have done for a couple hundred years.


Blaine told reporter Patti Borda that so many Spanish speakers created a serious problem for the county’s dominating taxi company. Dispatchers spoke mainly English; the drivers then were confronted with paying passengers they couldn’t understand. Yellow Cab co-owners colorfully painted Taxi Fiesta on vehicles and hired Senor Arevalo, to rake in business from the thousands of Latinos who moved to Frederick.


In no way do I despise “free enterprise,” including developers. After all when I moved up from Bethesda, the city was about half the size and the county smaller by approximately 60 percent. The growth in the area has brought an abundance of stores and services, for which I’m very grateful. In the present employment situation, the community must grow or die. It’s that simple.


What was enterprise when Blaine was a private businessman turned inside out when he was elected to the county’s highest office. At the same time he attempts to push illegals out the country, he takes their dollars, usually earned in jobs once reserved for ex-slaves and their dependents. How can I be so certain? Simple.


Nowhere have I read or heard how Senor Arevalo, son Jorge or several other Taxi Fiesta employees have ascertained how their Spanish-speaking patrons are citizens, have green cards or ICE credentials certifying they are in this country legally. I know, I know, it would be damned near impossible to do business if every customer had to be “carded.” But to shirk this off puts Yellow Cab and the co-owners in a hypocritical position, particularly Blaine Young.


In another part of the daily paper, an item reported at the top of the local news feature page: “Postal Service defends booting petitioners…”


An official spokeswoman explains: The USPS “policy is no solicitation inside or outside on postal property, as a federal entity we don’t allow anyone to interrupt our normal business flow,” she said in an email.


From all his noises and muttering, I assumed the Board of County Commissioners’ president was honchoing the petition to force to public vote the passed and signed legislation that allows all Maryland residents to avoid out-of-state costly tuitions. Only reading Meg Tilly’s article, also on Wednesday, I learned Del. Kathy Afzali (R., 4th Frederick) was in charge for the county. Her initial threats turned into soothing murmurs; she promised the petition volunteers would abide with regulations.


As I wrote we are all children of immigrants. In the 19th century, the Know Nothing party riots were aimed at the Irish newcomers. At least in the xenophobic craze raging in America, against Latinos and Muslims, there have been few instances of shedding blood.


So far.


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