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As Long as We Remember...

May 27, 2011

Ryanís Lifebuoy

Joe Charlebois

Let’s face it. The Democrats in Washington always decry Republicans as a party of scaremongers. In truth where do most of the scare tactics come from? The come from the left, of course.


The left is the source of consistency when it comes to the scaring of Americans. Whether it is black churches burning, starving children or killing the elderly, the playbook has worn pretty thin. Of course, they tend to prey on the emotions of those caring for elderly Americans and children. They have been doing so in a most pronounced way for the last 30 years or so.


Whenever there is a threat of change, liberals – to their political benefit – have always beat the “starving the children and killing the elderly” drum. It may be effective but it points out how pitiful their skills as debaters of the truth actually are.


One of the latest ads from a liberal group called the Agenda Project is so over the top in an attempt to tie the current budget plan to the killing of the elderly that it rates a “pants on fire” on the TRUTH-O-METER™ from the independent St. Petersburg website.


The members of the Times’ staff that produce the site are well recognized as an authoritative source on keeping all political officials honest. The staff has distinguished itself by earning a Pulitzer Prize for its efforts in 2009.


The Agenda Project ad is called “Throwing Granny off the Cliff. It is an obnoxious effort to tie the recently House-passed federal budget with the discontinuation of Medicare. What the ad doesn’t say is that those 55 and older will see no changes to their Medicare plans. It doesn’t state that the plan is a restructuring of the current system where those with the means pay more and those without pay less. It doesn’t state that the age of eligibility is slowly to be raised to the age of 67.


What the ad does show – with “America the Beautiful” playing in the background – is a man dressed in a dark suit pushing someone’s wheelchair-bound grandmother through a park. Eventually the pair reaches a scenic overlook with the grandmother realizing her fate too late. She fights to stop the inevitable. At the point the pair reaches the edge of the cliff, the well dressed man proceeds to dump “grandma’s” helpless body out of the wheelchair and into the river below.


It is a disgusting image and an example of how juvenile and bereft of ideas the left truly is.


The liberal left has no plan. There is no serious attempt and has never been a serious attempt to save the elderly of the future. They are so intent on maintaining power that they are selling the younger generations of taxpayers out. The plan as we know it will not be there for the younger generation if the left continues to ignore the facts and make the correct decisions.


The conservatives in the House of Representatives and Senate should not be intimidated by this nonsense. If anything, they should stand strong behind Rep. Paul Ryan (R., WI) and sell this plan. It is the right thing to do for all Americans. Conservatives need to get their message past the liberal fringe in the media and go directly to the American people with the reasons this should be supported.


This budget is not a cement block tied to the foot of the Republican Party as some like Newt Gingrich, Scott Brown and others see it. If they can just see past the next wave, they will realize that it is the lifebuoy in a sea of debt.


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