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May 19, 2011

Enough is enough is enough is enough is…

Joan Marie Aquilino

How much further can the average, law abiding, taxpaying citizen bend over? This article may seem totally out there to some, but I’m betting the people that read on a regular basis will know exactly what I’m talking about.


Between Obamacare and all its sanctioned exemptions, such as corporations like GE which paid no taxes last year, the blood sucking efforts by our federal and state governments to make others pay not only their share of taxes and fees but others as well is an abomination. Then there are the ever un-popular federal and state unfunded mandates for schools. And what about all our road taxes going toward the metro rail systems, sucking the life out of everyone and accomplishing nothing? Lawmakers spend and waste it as fast as the government steals it from you. Had enough yet?


Add to those Maryland’s anti-septic system bill currently in summer study that does nothing other than force everyone into urban living so we can be more easily controlled by the almighty liberal government. So much for free choice in our anything-but-free State of Maryland.


I’ll bet you didn’t get the memo that we aren’t smart enough to do things on our own, so the all-knowing, all-seeing government needs to tell us how to live, where to live, what to buy, how to eat, what to throw away, how to throw it away and how often we can use the toilet. Shall I go on, or are you getting the picture? I’ll go on a bit just to make sure.


Highway and bridge tolls are likely to go higher than the Chesapeake Bay bridge is tall; and there is no end in sight of controlling or bettering anything or anyone because of it.


Oh, yes, and let us not forget the wonderful ‘Save the Bay’ efforts that do nothing other than tax and fee you to death so the governor can steal that money to fund his budget because he doesn’t have a clue how to balance it otherwise. Anyone who knows how to balance a check book knows that when the money is gone you stop spending. Just because you have blank checks, doesn’t mean you still have money.


Wait, there is more. What about the fringe minority who can’t take no – or you lost – for an answer and refuse to follow simple rules that the “average” citizen follows. The most hysterical part is that those idiots are the ones who made the rules in the first place; and now that they don’t fit their plans, all of a sudden the rules are wrong and need to be changed. We’ve got to cut them some slack because . . . Why?


Even I can’t figure that one out yet. Just because they (the anti’s) say it’s so somehow makes it the truth. Oh my, no; I’ve never seen so many lies. We are expected to believe each and every one of them and don’t you dare ask them to explain themselves. That’s just not fair and we are being mean when we expect accountability. Didn’t you know it’s never their fault; it’s always someone else’s.


What about ex-politicians who spent their entire career with the battle cry of ‘If builders/corporations win, the taxpayers loses?” Now it’s the “if you can’t beat them, sue them” rule. But it’s now the slogan that “if the anti’s win, the taxpayers lose and pay and pay and continue to pay.” Their philosophy is ‘be damned with us and our empty pockets, you will pay so you learn the lesson.’ What the hell the lesson is no one is quite sure; but, no matter the cost, it’s all about the cause and they are going to spend our money, making ‘their’ point.


Let us not forget we are now suppose to obediently and quietly stand by and watch our citizen-students/young-adults lose out on college seats so we can reward illegal behavior. Oh, didn’t you know it’s not their fault somehow or another. This, too, is our fault.


When is self-accountability going to play a part in the liberal money-sucking game? Play by the rules, do the right thing for the right reasons and you’ll be rewarded by paying more taxes and losing your seat in college to an illegal immigrant financially subsidized by you. When do our American students/young adults get a break and rewarded for doing it the right way? While liberals are in control that will happen . . . Never!


Until Gov. Martin O’Malley realized that he got caught with his pants down and had to fund the Maryland honor students the scholarship they had earned and been awarded, they would have gone without. Funny how he proudly signs a bill with all the pomp and circumstance giving in-county and in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students, yet he had just finished taking away scholarship money for American citizens. Now, didn’t he look the illegal-pandering fool? I hope American students keep reminding him of that now famous blunder.


At the age of 18 the choice can be made prior to college to become an American citizen. If our education is so valuable to them, then it certainly ought to be worth the effort to become a United States citizen. What a slap in the face of both born Americans and those who follow the rules and laws and became citizens the right way. The college intern in Delegates Kelly Schulz and Patrick Hogan office managed to get himself through the process and become a legal American citizen; he was just the average Russian immigrant who did it the right way.


When are the average, law abiding, taxpaying, American people going to stand up and take our county back from the anti-everythingers and the liberals?


What is your tipping point?


What will send you over the edge?


. . .’til next time . . .



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