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As Long as We Remember...

February 18, 2003

Snow Brings Out One Of The Seven Deadly Sins

David 'Kip' Koontz

Well, it snowed again. It snowed a lot this time - one of the "Top 10" storms, maybe even a "Top 5" storm say those who keep weather statistics.

Yet, something odd happens to some during a snow storm - even in one of the biggies.

Even though a state of emergency is declared and the governor states that no vehicles should be on the roads unless they are emergency personnel, or assisting people in getting to work in hospitals, or if you are transporting someone to the hospital yourself.

What is the odd thing?


It is amazing to hear the stories from those in retail, for instance, whose bosses struggle with the idea of closing - even if it means the shopping center parking lot will not be plowed, simply because they hope, in vain, that enough people will rush through their doors to buy enough stuff to cover the payroll of those who risked their own lives to make it to work to begin with. That likely won’t happen.

Then you hear of those in the so called "professional" fields.

Take sales, for instance.

Calls are made: "Well, you don't need to come in, but you should try if you can. If not, check you voicemail regularly and do what you can from home."

Is it logical to believe that anyone is going to want a sales representative to visit them or even call them, if, by chance, the owner actually made it into their business and has to struggle with digging out from 24+ inches of snow?

Can't management realize that it may end up alienating a client in the long run if you call them under such unusual and extreme circumstances?

Even the most dysfunctional of all businesses - government - can get it right when there is 24 inches of snow on the ground. Keeping employees safe is more important than doing whatever it is they do.

Yet, so many in private industry are so caught up with the idea that the almighty dollar is actually a god and not a pagan idol, that they will risk their employees lives simply in the hopes of making a few of them.


What has happened to us as a people that the hope of making money is more important than the lives of people?

Seems to be a bit perverted, yet there seems to be no answer in sight, because even many of those with "liberal leave" are made to feel guilty about taking it when they do.

Not being a captain of industry, it is a philosophy that escapes me. But folks, we are not a community or area that is used to negotiating "out there" when the news is telling us that it is "dangerous to drive."

It is not often we get this amount of snow.

Frankly, for the last five years or so, we haven't gotten a whole lot of snow at all, yet some are expected to carry on as if this is a dusting simply in order to make someone else a profit.

Of what profit will it be to a person's family if they die or get severely injured in their effort to help make someone else a profit?

What a trade-off, huh?

Seems that we as a people, as businessmen and women, as corporate leaders and managers need to take a step back and realize that if there is no one left to work for you, you will not be able to make a profit at all.

Oh, that's right…too many of you are off stealing from those very employees anyway, so, that if there is a "Top 10" or "Top 5" storm you can get out of town on your private jet, go to your island beach house chock full of furniture that was all purchased with the 401-K money of the employees at home struggling to make it into work during that storm.


Maybe that is the evil that should elevate our homeland security code to orange - as it certainly has become a much too big destructive force in today's culture.

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