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April 28, 2011

Life’s Great Pleasures

Chris Cavey

In the world of politics, many people take the life around them for granted. Daily political play and expounding personal political theories become all consuming. Too many politicos only worry about the minutia of politics, power and money. They tend to forget the important foundations of our country – such as the freedom we enjoy.


“Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men, and so it must be earned and refreshed daily – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die. “ ~President Dwight D. Eisenhower


I am a fortunate man. I have a wonderful family, own my home, live next door to where I grew up, attend the church my great-grandfather helped build, have owned a business for 30-years just three miles away, plus have tons of friends – some very close – and all because I can exercise my freedom.


Freedom has been a passion for me since my Hungarian father-in-law recounted his stories about his loss of freedom. It is tough to picture the government taking your house and then telling you where to live, or moving two or three families of strangers into your home because you have too much room. I cannot imagine fleeing my country with just a suitcase – expecting never to return.


It is freedom that drives virtually every worthwhile aspect of our society within our country and is responsible for how we think and act as citizens. We are a blessed people. Every day we should be thankful for those who created our freedom and for those who died for our way of life. We should never expect or desire compromises to our freedom.


I purchased my home and created the capital to do so by owning my own business. This was accomplished because I enjoy and understand economic freedom. I can purchase property and have rights as a property owner. I can contract with those with whom I so choose to earn my living. I can save my dollars or spend them as I see fit. I am a capitalist and a net donor to the tax system.


I enjoy political freedom. I exercise my rights as a citizen and vote. I enjoy my civil liberties and expect others to abide within the law of the land. I am not coerced to do things against my will, nor do I tolerate seeing coercion fostered on others. I expect the government to stay out of my home, yet defend me in any global time of need.


I enjoy my freedom of speech. I hate those who would burn the flag of the United States; yet oddly, would fight for their right to do so. I have no tolerance for foreigners who would claim the same freedoms as I do, solely because of their physical location within my country. These are our freedoms paid for by our patriots and my forefathers – they have to be earned by others.


On every trip I make to our nation’s capital, I try to take time to view the Statue of Freedom. This giant bronze lady atop the Capitol dome is my favorite. She is armed with a sword and holds a wreath of victory. Nothing passive about her. There is no compromise – she is Freedom and she is victorious. Those who work beneath her should occasionally look up for inspiration.


My inspiration, however, typically comes right from my own backyard. Tuesday morning I awoke, rolled over and looked out my window at the most beautiful view on earth. It is the same scene I have stared at virtually every day of my life.  Fifty-five years looking in the same direction, at a panorama that constantly changes with nature’s seasonal nuisances and, yet, one I never tire in viewing.


That morning everything within sight was bright and crisp from the previous evening’s rain. Birds were fighting over worms in the maple tree next to the window. The wood in the distance was starting to turn a hazy light green with new budding leaves. The fields behind the house were contrasting contour bands, alternating with barley, green and growing; then the yellowish brown swaths waiting to be planted full of corn.


I am a lucky man. Whenever I become bogged down in political mire I only have to awaken the next morning to be reminded… my view and life style came at a cost. The politics of the day suddenly seem small, and I am thankful to those who gave me opportunity to live such a fortunate life.



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