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April 8, 2011

“Hell Bent for Breakfast”

Roy Meachum

The low turnout Tuesday in Thurmont was in some ways inexplicable. The commissioners took their budget show to the northern part of the county.


On the other hand, the paucity of people can easily be explained; neither Blaine Young nor the crew he helped elect can ever be accused of making decisions in the open. They seemed bound and determined to exercise patriarchal powers; they are our fathers – and daddy knows best.


In general, they operate with the consent of the electorate. They paraded under no false colors. The voters knew what to expect when they left the booth. In order to register you must be legally adult and otherwise qualified. Still many concerned parents and others were shocked by what’s happened to Head Start.


The teachers union did attempt to mount a protest for the cuts made to funding for the Frederick County Board of Education; but, then, Board President Brad Young was included in the Young political tidal wave. Father Ron Young upset Alex Mooney.


Commissioner Blaine is generally given credit for organizing the local Tea Party, which informs his hardcore anti-spending stance. On the national level, the country appears headed for a government shut-down for the same specific reason. Fear of what the radical tea-partiers might do if the Republican Party fails to negotiate a compromise, although knowing very well how many millions it will cost.


In Frederick, no financial damages are expected. Human beings will pay up, especially children and the needy; but radical conservatives do not believe they come under the Constitutional premise to “promote the General Welfare,” although the sacred document promises the premise twice. And I’m not likely to sit on Winchester Hall steps with a bucket of gasoline and burn my beard and bald head. What keeps me home with Pushkin is Abraham Lincoln’s belief in “the people, yes, the people.”


As I’ve written more than once, I have faith in “‘My Son’ Blaine,” as I wrote on, January 28, 2011. I further wrote: He “and I cede each other the constitutional right to free speech. On occasions I have admired his exercise of the privilege. At his most demagogic, he incorporates common sense. He’s a wonder to behold.”


“My son” is much more pragmatic and wildly successful than I am now. I can but hope that his sense of practicality will carry my beloved community through to much better days. At this point, I really could carry a fig about the names that caused it; they’ve been my targets for years. Enough already.


The only thing important is to right the ship of state, locally and nationally. I offer prayers in the languages I can summon.


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