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As Long as We Remember...

April 6, 2011

Why the outrage?

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – I just read about that nut case who has a following of so-called “Christians” in Florida, who burned the Qu’ran two weeks ago. I believe it was below the 16th story under “latest headlines” on America On Line.


I like to think I keep myself well informed. I read The Huffington Post, check out the headlines on AOL, usually watch a few moments of al Jazeera and read, or at least scan two daily newspapers. Yet I totally missed the story.


Living and working in an Islamic nation I would have thought it would have been plastered across the front pages; or, at the very least, somebody would have mentioned it to me. But there was nothing I can recall that gave any indication something was amiss.


Japan and the Arab world were and still are reeling from disasters and have dominated the news. I guess the actions of a crazy preacher living in swamp-infested part of Florida, where prayers should be directed at keeping the alligators away, was not even a blip on the radar screen.


Except, of course, in Afghanistan where many took to the streets protesting the action, according to news reports. I guess they must have just heard about it, like me.


They were not protesting the actions of the Satanist posing as a man of the real God, but rather the actions of the Americans in their country. They were the few, the very, very few, who did not receive money.


The United States has been passing out funds to anyone who comes up with any kind of business plan. The politicians, really tribal elders who control a certain group of people, have been paid off. Millions of dollars have left Kabul through the airport – stuffed in suitcases.


Now the U.S. is assisting “Afghan entrepreneurs” to establish small businesses, calling them the backbone of peace and freedom. Anyone who happens to run into the American Santa Claus dishing out money usually gets funded. Need money to sell lamb stew from the stomach of a goat on your bicycle? Uncle Sugar is there. How about funds to open a coffee shop to sell cakes with enough sugar and honey to keep you protesting for days?


There is a spot next to the American embassy.


However, everyone knows, except those in the State Department who are in charge of this ludicrous undertaking, that the money is reinvested into drugs. Poppy fields are blooming this spring, backyard heroin processing plants flourish, and the distribution routes have been re-established.


And don’t get on you high horse and tell me how terrible this is. Americans are just as bad. Witness the proliferation of methamphetamine laboratories. Home grown meth is being cultivated in closets, basements and greenhouses throughout the country. And those that partake know the best place to purchase. I say purchase a joint near a school zone where students are making a fortune selling the stuff. How do you think they can afford all those cell phones, expensive computer equipment and designer clothes? Working at the local fast food joint?


There will be radicals and radicals with guns always. And sometimes, people are just plain crazy. Like that Libyan leader.


However, I am happy to read that the mainstream people of the Islamic faith realize this and have not ignited over the actions of one small congregation in the backwater swamp of Florida.


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