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March 17, 2011

Maryland and the Irish Guv

Chris Cavey

There once was a Guv named O’Malley

Whose political career did not dally.

‘Cause promises he made

And surpluses he’d raid

In hope no taxes he would tally.


There once was a Guv named O’Malley

With union leaders he would rally.

More trading of votes

For promissory notes

Budgeting Maryland into a blind alley


There once was a Guv named O’Malley

Controlling votes like slaves in a galley.

For legislators are sure

Redistricting’s impure

Sending them to political Death Valley.


So here’s to the Guv named O’Malley

Who taxed Maryland deep into the valley.

Whilst Annapolis would struggle

With D.C. he would snuggle

Wanting his presidential finale.


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