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March 16, 2011

America and China

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – The militarization of China, one of the many passing comments usually buried as an aside in the international commentaries, brings forth the possibility of territorial acquisitions through conquest. There are several parallels now in play with the Japanese tsunami in the early 1940’s.


China’s standing army, now at 2.5 million soldiers, stands poised to defend the communist regime but also to move south. Throughout cities, there are bases, usually tucked away, housing several thousand troops. One passes a check point guarded by two or three soldiers, with recognizable barracks in the background. When I was in Chengdu, there were three of these within easy walking distance of the hotel.


However, these forces will no longer be needed as the threat to the revolution has greatly subsided with the economic boom. There has been a very quick increase in the standard of living of most Chinese as the middle class has now swelled. The greater the economic opportunity, the less time people have or need for revolution. Everybody is to busy making money.


Singapore is a prime example. A police state with very few of the freedoms enjoyed by the west, the population has one of the highest standards of living on the planet, yet speech, press and assembly are denied. The population has begun declining as economic acquisition has left no time for love making.


The Chinese have also been extending their influence southward. Burma has close ties to the country as mainland China provides military arms to this amazingly impoverished country. Cultural ties have been strengthen through the marriage of Burmese women to Chinese men because of gendercide. Hotels and other economic investments in Mandalay provide for a strong toe hold in the country.


In Laos and Cambodia, through promises of economic aid, thousands of mainland Chinese have traveled into these regions to open businesses, many times out numbering the locals. As travelers can attest, most of the businesses are mainland Chinese owned and operated, extending poverty further and further into the local population.


The other Southeast Asian countries already hold a substantial number of overseas Chinese ready to welcome liberation from the imagined oppression by the locals. Thailand is divided politically, making an easy conquest while Vietnam could never withstand a tsunami coming across the border.


Yet to what end? Commodities, in the form of oil, gas, lumber and agricultural products, are there for the taking, fueling the huge economic machine that has just sputtered to life. The roar, without a brake, will reverberate.


Yet the one commodity lacking in mainland China, disposed of through abortion and other inhuman acts, are women. Because of the one child policy and preference for a male heir, the availability of women in mainland China has reached negative numbers. There are not enough of them to continue the family line, provide for elder security and to satisfy the religious requirements engrained for thousands of years of culture.




When women are viewed in a society as a person less that equal, probably to that of cow, and are treated only as child bearing creatures or additional income producing agents, then war over them, like petrochemicals, the perception as a commodity is not unrealistic.


And who is to stop them? The United States will continue to be embroiled in the left wing-right wing polarization. The government will become more ineffectual as society breaks down to the verge of civil war, all reason and compromise lost.


When will the main land Chinese invasion begin? Like all predictions of mainland Chinese from the distant past to the present, venturing a timetable will be akin to reading the fortune sticks in the temples. More than likely, the timing will coincide when the American government breaks down and the American people become so hate ridden they turn their stockpiled guns on each other.


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