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March 2, 2011

Annapolis Business as Unusual

Norman M. Covert

People are bitter, rumor has it. They are clinging to their guns and/or religion or “antipathy to people who aren’t like them…” to paraphrase candidate Barack Hussein Obama.


It’s all over the neighborhood, give or take a couple who are aquiver, awaiting passage of the high priority bills in the Maryland General Assembly approving same-sex marriage (hack) and medical marijuana (cough).


The governor and legislature are in lockstep with “The One” using class-warfare to reverse basic morality and advance a socialist ideology. The majority of our delegation has spoken out in opposition to the two issues.


The Democrat majority in Annapolis is fast tracking the bills, which, when taken to referendum, will probably be rejected. Marriage is a religious institution and same-sex relationships have nothing to do with marriage. Thus, here we are clinging to our religion whether we are Judeo-Christian, or among the most adored followers of Mohammed! “Don’t ask don’t tell” is the mantra, except here.


It was no surprise when our Sen. Ronald N. Young (D., Frederick/Washington) jumped on the majority, wrong-headed bandwagon. He hasn’t hidden his support for those who practice what they now call “Gay” relationships. He was a known quantity to voters, who may soon express buyers’ remorse.


It is a surprise that Sen. David Brinkley would be soft on the gay marriage issue and even become a sponsor of the medical marijuana bill. He has openly touted the belief that smoking marijuana eases the pain accompanying certain cancers I’ve had friends who tried and succeeded in getting liquor to ease their pain, at least for the short term. You just don’t need a prescription for bourbon – nor marijuana. It’s cheaper on the street anyway, but don’t get caught.


Del. Galen Clagett (D., Frederick) has been a successful representative for Frederick County since his election, but some of it is due to his ability to “go along to get along.” It’s those backroom deals that are a hallmark of every political drama, but are reality in Annapolis. One supposes that Galen is playing the game anticipating voting in favor of same-sex marriage. Every indication in the past was that he rejected the notion, so there must be some arm twisting taking place.


We are in for another round, too, of the Big Brother gun lobby looking out for us with legislation that expands the law forbidding guns on school grounds. Here is the description of Senate Bill 311 co-sponsored by our own Senator Young:


“… prohibiting the carrying or possession of certain firearms, knives and deadly weapons at public institutions of higher education; providing for certain exceptions to this prohibition; and generally relating to the carrying or possession of firearms, knives, and deadly weapons….”


On its face the bill sounds all right. Like the predecessor it would repeal, however, it contains the hidden power to forbid exceptions. The institution head must issue an invitation to anyone whose purpose is to educate students in the history and use of firearms. “Ay, there’s the rub,” the Bard noted.


Raleigh Boaze of Rosemont was targeted by the original law. A student of history and expert/living history interpreter on the French and Indian War, Mr. Boaze has provided unique and popular classes for the benefit of Frederick and Washington County young people for more than 20 years.


He appears in an outfit typical of a Frederick County scout/hunter of the era: moccasins, leggings, breeches, linen shirt and hat. He also carries a flintlock long gun, tomahawk and bone-handled knife. His impact on a student’s understanding of the precursor to the American Revolution is well documented with Frederick County Public Schools, Boy Scouts of America and other local youth organizations.


Maryland was ahead of the game with its original law prohibiting firearms on school grounds. Mr. Boaze was banned from Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School in 1993 and began waging his one-man, three-year battle with the legislature. In 1996 he succeeded in having language inserted excepting historical presentations:


“4—102 (4) a person who, with a written invitation from the school principal, displays or engages in a historical demonstration using a weapon or a replica of a weapon for educational purposes.”


Following that law’s enactment, school superintendants in several counties, including Washington County, instructed the principals “not to invite Mr. Boaze into their schools.” His appearances in Frederick were also rare after that effort.


Mr. Boaze was upset that Senator Young would respond that he is co-sponsor of the modified bill, especially since the original was modified on behalf of a constituent. Certainly Senator Young knew the full background without the reminder.


“Dear Ron,” Mr. Boaze wrote, “While you may believe that SB311 is a good one and will allow historical presentations…you will see that the opposite can happen because of this bill’s implementation. Please do not vote in favor of SB311. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”


Mr. Boaze traced the history of his quest to remain a resource for middle and high school students and how he was rebuffed at every turn.


“A perfectly good law with perfectly good intention has been manipulated and as a result learning has (and will suffer)…” Mr. Boaze wrote. “SB311 is another law we don’t need.”


If you didn’t join us before, cling to your religion and guns by going to early Sabbath services, and join us Sunday morning at Cresap Rifle Club range ( on Plant Road. It opens at 10 a.m. for adults and children with their moms and/or dads.


Here are directions: From I-70, take Exit 56 to MD 144E. Turn left from MD 144 onto Linganore Road. Then turn right onto Plant Road to Cresap Rifle Club immediately on the left.



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