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January 28, 2003

These Are Not Ordinary Times For Liberal Hypocrites

John P. Snyder

The great issues of our day, from Iraq to abortion, and now slot machines, provide liberals with grand occasions to illustrate hypocrisy in its finest form. Those who can spot hypocrisy from any distance will never be left disappointed by liberals. They have perfected it.

The situation in Iraq is not all that complicated. The United Nation's Resolution 1441 clearly compels Saddam Hussein to cooperate with inspectors to see if Iraq is complying with the 1992 settlement of the Gulf War. It was viewed as a "last chance" for Hussein to divest himself of weapons of mass destruction. Any breach was grounds for retaliation, including military force. Iraqi defectors, military intelligence and satellite photos have detailed Hussein's violations. Even the bumbling, stumbling Hans Blix has found breaches.

Violations need to enforced, no? According to liberals, no. They want to give peace a chance, once again. They are inclined to believe Saddam Hussein over President Bush.

Liberals were strangely silent when Bill Clinton went after Slobodon Milosovich and bombed the Serbian capital day and night and deployed U. S. soldiers in 1997. No anti-war rallies then. No one called Mr. Clinton a warmonger. Innocent women and children were killed. Liberals were silent. The problem rests with the view that liberals have that the actions of 9/11 were an isolated, once in a lifetime incident. Those who can think logically see it as a part of a greater threat that can only deepen.

The 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision caused a mushroom cloud of hypocrisy for liberals. Many of them openly weep at the thought of - take your pick - spotted owls, manatees, deer, black bears, snaildarters, butterflies, cows and convicted murderers and rapists being killed by man. Unborn human fetuses? It's a women's right to choose, they say. The arguments used by pro-abortion advocates have not changed since the early 70's, while technological advancements have severely undercut them.

The three dimensional sonogram machine developed by General Electric clearly shows an unborn child emerging within three weeks of conception. These pictures are breathtaking in detail.

One columnist for the Frederick News-Post recalled a butchered abortion that occurred, by my calculations, at least 65 years ago, to solidify his support for abortion. He may be unaware of the advancement of birth control pills. Abortion is today what many feared it would become, a form of birth control. At some time the rights of the unborn will intersect with the right to choose. Maybe then the unborn child will receive the same protection that the eggs from bald eagles get from the law.

Here in Maryland, the same liberals who feel women should have the right of choice, in such mundane matters as the birth or abortion of their fetuses, feel strongly that residents of our state should not have access to slot machines.

Their answer to our budget deficit is a time honored liberal response: raise taxes on everyone but themselves. Legislators from Montgomery County are particularly opposed to slots. Invariably, one of them has a bumper sticker that says "Don't Like Abortion, Then Don't Have One." Since no slots are planned for Montgomery County, they won't have to visit them.

The issue of gambling was covered in 1973 , when the Maryland lottery began. And those liberals, who regard themselves as not only 'thy brothers keeper' but as moral beacons as well, complain about the effect slots will have on the middle and lower classes. Hypocritical to be sure. They registered no angst when they raised cigarette taxes , thereby hurting the lower and middle class workers. Same with the high taxes on liquor and beer. Who fuels the revenues from the lottery? The same people they feel the responsibility to protect.

Tracking liberal hypocrisy is a full time occupation. It never ends.

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