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February 16, 2011

Reacting from Afar

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – I read with great concern the statements by Frederick County Commissioners Kirby Delauter and C. Paul Smith about their views on the role of mothers in society. They seem to feel that by cutting Head Start funds, mothers will be forced to stay home with their children and society will be better.


Commissioner Smith professes an occupation as a “family law” attorney – read divorce lawyer. This lucrative field, pitting husband against wife in gladiatorial courtroom confrontations, provides him with a very nice income. He does try to hide behind this “bottom of the barrel” of the legal profession by touting his involvement with the Boy Scouts of America and writing obscure articles on the Constitution. Talk about an oxymoron: Boy Scout leader and decimator of Head Start.


Commissioner Delauter, head of a construction firm W. F. Delauter and Son, constructs the sewer lines and roads in new housing developments. He ran for county commissioners because of his love and dedication for the environment and preservation of farmland. And if you believe that one, I have bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.


Here we have another oxymoron. How does he expect developers to plan new communities when buyers have only one income? I mean, if mom stays home playing June Cleaver who will flush into his new sewers? Talk about shooting yourself in the butt.


The reason for the decimation of Head Start is that these two leaders of society don’t know, and don’t want to know, anyone involved in the program. Their social and businesses circles orbit Winchester Hall in the realm of Pluto and not back here on earth, divorced from reality, pun intended. And, yes, I know Pluto has been demoted as a planet. That’s the point.


Their statement and vote to gut Head Start is self serving. Nobody in Head Start can begin to afford Paul’s legal services. Kirby’s streets and lanes will not hold houses built by Habitat for Humanity. No business gain for them, no money from the government.


One of the most amusing parts of this whole story is how they had to “sacrifice” when their wives stayed home and took care of the children. A divorce lawyer and a building contractor sacrifice? They needed their wives not to work to avoid being pushed into the next income tax bracket.


There is a Library of Congress full of documents attesting to the benefits of Head Start. Hundreds of Winchester Halls are filled with court and legal opinions about the rights of working women. I wonder how “legal scholar” Smith missed those.


The problem now lies on how Paul and Kirby can vote on any measure where working women are involved given their public statements. Anyone can now file a lawsuit challenging any measure where those two are involved. How can budgets be cut where women are involved without charges of gender discrimination?


They can’t. Their prejudice against working women has been documented and any issue involving working women can now be called into question.


They should resign before the county gets mired in lawsuits brought by real scholars of the constitution.


…life is good…


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