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As Long as We Remember...

January 22, 2003

...And In This Corner..........

David 'Kip' Koontz

Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner we have Herzonner, and featherweight champion of Frederick, Huffin' and Puffin' Jennifer Dougherty attempting to defeat - in this corner, Alderman, Frederick's heavyweight champion - Rock'em, Sock'em, Bill Hall.

This week's fight takes place to determine whether Ms. Dougherty is indeed trying to push Alderman Bill Hall back into the annals of history by forcing him into segregation or whether Alderman Hall forgot it is the 21st Century and that women have brains.

We have WWE owner Vince McMahon as special guest referee. And doing the blow-by-blow will be Jim Ross and the always colorful Jerry 'The King' Lawler, also of the WWE.

Various versions as to how last week's match began have been described.

Some sources say it is because Herzonner spoke to Mr. Hall and he did not acknowledge her having done so, thus she got her hackles up.

Others say that Herzonner described Mr. Hall "as her very good friend" while introducing local dignitaries at the Laboring Sons Memorial Ground dedication last Wednesday raising Mr. Hall's hackles.

During a public afternoon workshop of the Board of Aldermen, Mr. Hall noted that maps showing properties on Site C along Carroll Creek that had been given to him by city staff were different than the ones being shown on a bigger map and he questioned why. He was hushed up by the Mayor and told something that he didn't have the right to ask questions about the aforementioned materials.


In any case, this matter escalated rapidly into the madcap antics of a mix between a Mike Tyson ear-biting boxing match and a WWE championship wrestling match. Unfortunately there was no ring into which the combatants could enter to do battle at that time.

Wouldn't that have been a sight to see?

Police Chief Kim Dine and Chief Operations Officer Vinny Hughes had to step in between the two at one point in order to keep them separated, although when Mr. Hughes did so, he was rebuffed by Herzonner.

Instead, the two used verbal sparing to make their case. Mr. Hall, claiming that Herzonner's repeated attempts to silence him were in some way related to race, declaring: "I was born in segregation. I'm not going to let you put me back into it."

To which Ms. Dougherty retorted: "He's a bully, trying to push a woman. Wake up! It's the 21st century. Women have brains, too."

Well, how exciting - and embarrassing at the same time.

It is simply unfortunate that from the get-go, this mayor did not take the time needed to foster any sense of camaraderie among all the members of the Board of Alderman.

If she attempted to do so, it was half-hearted as episodes of hostility have been boiling between the mayor and several aldermen since Day One - January 10, 2002.

Mr. Hall, while well intentioned, unfortunately, as this illustrates, gets impassioned about his feelings of exclusion, especially in light of the fact that one has to be na´ve to believe that Herzonner's "Rules of Conduct" are not aimed at part in "reigning in" Mr. Hall. He gets testy and loses his temper out of that frustration.

It doesn't do his cause well.

Be that as it may. We have trouble, right here in Frederick City. First, Herzonner must find a way to climb down off her self-constructed pedestal to realize that governing is more than always getting one's own way.

Secondly, Mr. Hall must stop feeding into her attempts to goad him into behaving badly in order to make her appear better in the eyes of the public.

If not, we have a very long three years and maybe, God forbid, seven years of Jenita Dougherty occupying a seat behind the mayor's desk, as she is sly enough to somehow turn Mr. Hall's responses into an effective campaign tactic. Can't you just hear it now: "Just think how much more I could have done if I didn't have these distractions."

Give her only enough distractions to do herself in, but none that she can turn into her favor.

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