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January 28, 2011

My “Son” Blaine

Roy Meachum

Although we are of different political persuasions, Blaine Young is my political son. I understand him more fully than his real father, as I discovered in conversation with new state Senator Ron Young. His stepmother, Frederick City’s president pro tem Karen Young, doesn’t accept Blaine at all.


The current president of the Frederick Board of County Commissioners is too populist for many. His continuing statement that his first election was his last makes no sense to most; I accept. He’s an idealist. How he came to that position I don’t understand. He hung out on my former front porch to protest a purity that he and I knew did not exist.


With his all-powerful position in Winchester Hall, my “son” has become the target of much foot-kissing, to use a family-appropriate expression – especially from the real estate development sector. I suspect no fawners will reap rewards. He observed similar machinations during his father’s extended reign over City Hall, as he commented to the local newspaper.


Besides, at his elbow, hovers the most important influence in his life. Her identical name can cause confusion with the senator’s wife, Karen Young turned her husband’s career and personal track completely around. The two sons she bore him emphasized the difference in how he was, maybe epitomized it. Karen is very strong and very supportive.


In advancing his political fortune, his association with radio station WFMD is critical. I tracked his growth from Saturday host/sales manager to his daily domination of the prime-time commuter afternoon hours, three to six. I rarely listen. I said at the beginning we are of different persuasions.


Blaine Young and I cede each other the constitutional right to free speech. On occasions I have admired his exercise of the privilege. At his most demagogic, he incorporates common sense. He’s a wonder to behold.


All this forcefully intended praise must not be interpreted as my endorsement for everything Blaine says and does. He comes from a political direction I cannot pretend to understand.


Still, my political “son” oozes good will and best intentions that captivate me completely. In my long life, that’s good enough for me to “adopt” him.


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