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January 17, 2003

Mulling The American Chicken

Norman M. Covert

It's starting to get under my skin, these well meaning folks and their children parading in Memorial Grounds Park. It is a desecration of this memorial ground despite what these self-proclaimed mothers call their demonstration for peace.

My thoughts are with our young men and women of the Armed Forces who are being shipped out to places unknown these first weeks of the New Year. Their families don't need the mindless distraction of this thin line of peaceniks waving their signs in the face of wives and mothers who face weeks and months of uncertainty.

I was recently reminded of the similarities to a time almost 40 years ago. Someone asked an acquaintance where he had his peace symbol - that circle with the vertical line branching off in two directions. He said it was on his other jacket.

I felt a flush at the memory of the peace symbol and blurted out, "Oh, you mean the footprint of the American Chicken?"

That brought a hush to the room as the old hippie and the Vietnam-era vet looked at each other and realized we had trod into territory we consciously tried to avoid.

The News-Post, in its zeal to touch off controversy, featured a roundup of the peaceniks activities and quoted one of those "I don't know why I'm a liberal but I am" Hood College students who said he was trying to get something started on campus because that's where the anti-war movement started in the 60s. He is an innocent boob!

This is not a game we are playing with Saddam Hussein and the multiple terrorist organizations that make no bones about their desire to wipe out America and all for which we stand.

Old-timers will remember the antics of Charles Lindbergh, who was such a raving peacenik before World War II that he actually visited Adolph Hitler in Berlin, embraced communism and traveled around the country preaching his socialist pacifism.

Lindbergh finally saw the light of Freedom in 1944, with U.S. troops scrambling ashore at Normandy and the truth beginning to emerge about Hitler's raping, pillaging and murder of millions in Europe; and the true atrocities of the Japanese beginning to be revealed. Lindbergh suddenly began to apologize for his anti-American rhetoric.

Lindbergh was just one of many whose voices were drowned out in the noise of America fighting to drive the enemy away from our gates and liberate a good piece of the world. The former American hero had been reduced to ridicule by his nation and even his honorary "colonel" rank was revoked.

Lindbergh's path to shame has been repeated by such egomaniacs as Jesse Jackson to those unthinking congressmen who visited Iraq and began spouting Saddam's rhetoric for him. There also are those Hollywood potheads who actually believe they are the characters they play on celluloid. They are bodies without functioning brains and the Reverend Jackson should serve as a eunuch in Sultan Hussein's harem.

The seven or eight Quakers, who have been trying to get a peace movement started, are nice people, and I understand that their teachings are rooted in turning the other cheek - again and again. But, if it weren't for the millions of Americans who didn't turn their cheeks, the Quakers would be just another forgotten sect of well-meaning people.

The Seventh-Day Adventist congregations also are against war, but you don't see them parading in the park with signs. It is my understanding that they know freedom isn't free and encouraged their young people, who were being drafted into the Armed Services, to claim conscientious objector status and willingly served in non-combat duty.

The Seventh-Day Adventists became combat medics and quite proudly served at Fort Detrick as members of the "White Coat" program, developing vaccines to fight disease among our troops.

Concerning the impending war in Iraq, the United Nations voted its agreement that Saddam Hussein has thumbed his nose at the world and must pass muster with the inspections. Thus far he is a miserable failure and the peaceniks want to keep their families and their country in peril by excusing him again. These are the same people who have impaired a generation by practicing this ambivalence in education and so many other social arenas.

Personally, I have not forgotten "9/11" nor have I forgotten the anthrax attacks, which probably emanated from Iraq. I have not forgotten that Saddam has not lived up to the cease-fire agreement after his massive army went down in defeat in 100 days.

I am reminded that the pacifist nonsense being bleated by such once-respected newsmen as Dan Rather obscures the reality that (1) the U. N. has sanctioned this spanking of Saddam Hussein and (2) the U.S. Congress, then led by a Republican majority in the House and Democratic Party majority in the Senate, voted to authorize President George W. Bush to use whatever military action he deems necessary.

The blather from the liberal left is still disjointed as they run for cover and send out sacrificial lambs to test the waters against the President. They are a joke. Reality tells us we are amassing a force that will be capable of setting right these problems with Saddam. It is simply the right thing for America to do.

These weak-kneed peaceniks have every right to spout their rhetoric. The media has the right to print this shouting into the wind. I, too, have the right to call them what they are and will continue to do so.

But when all is said and done, when we send Saddam packing, get a handle on the al Qaida menace, send Palestinian terrorist Yassar Arafat to a well-deserved grave, and let the South Koreans take care of their northern cousins, then the peaceniks will have quietly crawled back into their holes.

And that offensive symbol? In my estimation, the "Footprint of the American Chicken" is a symbol of those who have no courage to fight for their own lives. If it's important, then it is worth defending. America and my way of life are too precious to trust to the American Chicken. My guns are loaded.

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