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As Long as We Remember...

January 11, 2011

Diagram of The Road Less Traveled

Farrell Keough

Where do we go next? That really is the issue with both the TEA Party and the seeming shift in the Republican Party.


A recent conference put on by the MD Conservative Action Network generated ideas, plans, and alternatives which have real value and substance. Not only did this conference include a number of excellent speakers, but it gave the participants time to question these people and included workshops to increase the roles of conservative voters and help candidates develop and grow into future leaders.


The creation of this group, and the work to set up this conference, came from only three people, (Ann Corcoran, Tonya Tiffany, and Cathy Trauernicht); but the seeds they have planted will grow into a huge new shift in conservative politics. In short, this was not like any other conference. This one presented ways for people to stay in contact and methodologies for moving forward and growing.


The speakers were from many areas – some who won elections, some who did not, the press, law enforcement, and a number of political activists. For instance, Brian Murphy, Charles Lollar, and Robert Broadus started off the event. Both Mr. Lollar and Mr. Broadus talked about reaching out to the black vote – noting the blacks and Latinos hold far more conservative values than their general voting patterns would have us believe.


The conference ended with a man named Claver Kamau-Imani from a group called Raging Elephants. His premise followed well upon Mr. Lollar and Mr. Broadus – his extensive survey process validates what both Mr. Lollar and Mr. Broadus postulated.


What made the juxtaposition of the presenters interesting was the difference in belief as to whether the Republican Party should be acknowledged. Both Mr. Lollar and Mr. Broadus believed that inroads can be made based solely on our agreements and leaving party names out of the conversation. Mr. Kamau-Imani held just the opposite viewpoint with billboard ads such as G.O.P. is the new Black.


Another truly fascinating speaker was Anita MonCrief, self-described “ex-liberal, ACORN Whistleblower, Citizen Journalist.” Her time for answering questions seemed to have lasted longer than most other speakers. Her in-depth knowledge of both the techniques used by those on the far-left and mechanisms to overcome these unscrupulous actions was overwhelming and inspiring.


For instance, when questioned about whether a white person could go into black neighborhoods, Ms. MonCrief was almost giddy to have been asked such an important question. She noted that those in the far-left movement had created and perpetuated this myth to ensure many conservatives would not approach these groups. Truth be told, the preponderance of those in ACORN are white, well-heeled, 20-some-year-old liberals who will do anything to win. For Ms. MonCrief, the “Principles of Conservatism are enough…”


Another interesting and beneficial speaker was Marta Mossburg, a syndicated columnist. Her insights into dealing with the mainstream media, how to generate interest and presentations which conflict with commonly established perspectives, were very instructive. Ms. Mossburg has the credentials to speak to these issues and the track record to for instruction.


Two of our own spoke – Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Delegate-elect Kathy Afzali. Sheriff Jenkins spoke to the various issues surrounding the ICE program and difficulties and great benefits to incorporating this program into Frederick County. Ms. Afzali gave nicely articulated speech on running for office as an outsider to party machine.


Were “stock speeches” given by some? Sure. But overall, the speeches and discussion afterward were truly inspiring and generated legitimate mechanisms for change, improvement, and growth in the conservative movement. If you desire to be on the cutting edge for the movement forward, keep your eyes on this group and the myriad events and networking they will accomplish.



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