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As Long as We Remember...

January 10, 2011

Things Overheard

Michael Kurtianyk

Much speculation has centered on who will replace Rick Weldon as the City of Frederick’s executive assistance to Mayor Randy McClement.


Before looking at whom I’ve heard mentioned, let’s do what every solid business owner does – create a profile. For those not in business, it’s better to set the criteria, and then find someone who matches it. It’s not a good business practice to pick a friend or someone recommended to you, only to find that he/she isn’t right for the job.


One important criterion for Mayor McClement is to find someone who can do the various tasks assigned. This includes working with city residents, listening to their issues, and working with the mayor and aldermen to resolve them. On a detailed level, it means sitting in on the Neighborhood Advisory Council meetings and responding to messages sent to the mayor’s office.


Another criterion is the ability to oversee the day-to-day functions of running the city. This includes meeting with department heads and employees and working through issues. It includes negotiating contracts and improving efficiency.


Finally, there is always the “other duties as assigned” clause. This could mean anything, since the executive assistant to the mayor serves at the pleasure of the mayor. It could mean standing in for the mayor at certain times and communicating with state representatives.


Above all else, the executive assistant to the mayor must be someone whom the Mayor trusts. This is a more abstract criterion but likely the most important of them all. It will be someone whom the mayor will work with daily, and many times each day, so a high level of chemistry will be necessary. I am sure that Mr. Weldon will help provide a transition for the next appointee.


On to the names. Among the names I’ve heard include Gary Brooks, owner of Barley & Hops, and longtime Republican supporter. Mr. Brooks’ name has been mentioned most often; this is due to the fact that Mr. Brooks is lobbying for the position, through discussions and on WFMD. I will not write about Mr. Brooks’ qualifications, nor whether I think he has the ability to do the job. I do like Reuben Sandwiches at Barley & Hops, and hope they continue to be on the menu.


Could it be someone like Alan Imhoff, whose institutional knowledge would bring certain skill sets to the position? What about a Dale Driscoll or Jacque Brown, who helped Mayor McClement in his successful campaign last year? Is there someone on the Republican Central Committee who could step up? Or the Democrat committee?


We should know by mid-January who will be the next executive assistant to the mayor. Are there any other politicos with the last name of “Young” somewhere around?



Other things overheard….


At a recent gathering of the columnists of, I overheard some things that may or may not make it past the editor’s desk. In my defense, I may have misheard some of these things….


“Will you write my column for me?”


“Adam, you’re smarter than your wife. You married her. She married you. That makes you smarter.”


“Write it in a journal format. Works all the time.”


“How many Democrats are in this room?”


“How many pens do you have there?”


“Joe Volz won the Pulitzer? He didn’t? Oh, well, then that explains it.”


“Hey, everyone! We’re not amateurs anymore! John gave us each a penny! We’re professionals!”


“In a word: NO!”


“That’s not hummus?”


“I can’t believe there’s no one named ‘Young’ in this room.”


“You’re an independent only because you have no core principles!”


“Will you write my column for me?”


And the line of the night:


"There is always one in a crowd that thinks I am an idiot."


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