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January 15, 2003

It's A New Day in Maryland!

John P. Snyder

In the annals of history, the Republican takeover of the Maryland state house doesn't compare with say, the fall of the Berlin Wall or the Man on the Moon story. It is, however, not far off. Conventional wisdom has always maintained that it was impossible for a Republican to be elected governor of Maryland. Today, at noon, Maryland Republicans will do the cha-cha-cha on the head of conventional wisdom.

To be sure, both State Houses are over stocked with Democrats. Governor Bob Ehrlich’s agenda will be fought at every level by the liberal/socialists that comprise the majority of Democrats in Annapolis. Governor Ehrlich’s first duty is to unveil his budget. Those who created the budget mess will be in the business of critiquing his solutions to close the $1.3 billion shortfall for next year.

Democrats will be only too happy to force him into raising taxes, thereby disappointing those who came out in droves to elect him.

Already, House leader Michael Busch is complaining about Governor Ehrlich’s "lack of vision".

No doubt the House speaker will ignore the will of the people of his native Anne Arundel county, who gave 65% of their vote to Mr. Ehrlich, and fight him at every turn.

Governor Ehrlich is confident that he can get the okay on slots. The opposition is an interesting mix of concerned citizens that cuts across party lines. If all of those who oppose slots would spend some time at Charles Town to see slots in action, they might not be so resistant.

One has to have plenty of time on their hands, as well as an aversion to boredom, to be a regular slot player. It’s a hard way to make a little money. Sure , some will go overboard and ruin their lives playing the slot machines excessively, but no higher a percentage than say those who run up high credit card bills, clog their arteries at all-you-can-eat restaurants or drink to excess. Some decry slots as a tax on poor people. Raising the cigarette taxes was a tax on poor people. This gives people who don't mind wagering their pocket change a place to do it. On any given night in Charles Town, buses containing church groups from through-out Maryland descend on the race track. Why not have them go to Rosecroft or Laurel instead?

For those who respect the inherent advantages of a two party state, this is a big day.

Previous Democratic governors were kept on a tight leash by the MSTA, AFSME and radical environmentalists. Maryland can now join the rest of the world and look at charter schools.

A review of the gun laws and the liberal abortion laws is in order. The bureaucracy that bogs down the state government needs to be weeded out. The state needs to be pulled to the center after eight plus years of a fatally liberal agenda..

Just by being personable and non-vindictive will make people appreciative. Work on the Intercounty Connector road would elevate his standing significantly.

Governor Ehrlich, a rising star in the national Republican party, will have access to potential federal funding for road projects that was unthinkable before.

Those Dems who might consider a race to knock him off in four years might consider the fact that he raised over $9 million during the last election without the help of entities with government contracts. And the Kennedy ATM card, which kept the Maryland Democratic party afloat the last eight years ,has been voided. Feeling lucky, Mr. Duncan? How about you, Mr. O'Malley?

It’s a great day for Maryland. Go, Bobby, go!

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