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As Long as We Remember...

January 3, 2011

What’s In Store?

Shawn Burns

The year in review reads pretty much the same as it did in years past. People died, wars were fought, and politicians argued and lied to voters…


So, we find ourselves at the beginning of 2011. New day, New Year, and yet all of the same issues, hopes, fears and realities remain. Some people approach New Year’s Eve with the unrealistic notion that when they awaken on January 1, they wake up to a clean slate. Sorry to burst that bubble, but it just ain’t so.


I predict that in 2011 people will die, wars will be fought and politicians will still argue and lie to voters.


One chapter ends and a new one begins; but basically, same stuff… different day.


Now that’s just being realistic, not pessimistic.


To be sure, there will be many good deeds accomplished in 2011. The vast majority of those good deeds will go unrecognized except by those who benefit from them. And that’s the way it should be.


In 2011 we will still face the constitutional challenges to the legality of Obamacare, even as it goes into effect. That alone should make for some good entertainment as proponents rail against the opposition and vice verse. I suspect that is one battle that will drag on for a good long while.


Nationally and locally we will be forced to deal with monstrous deficits that refuse to be ignored in 2011. How will our deficits be dealt with? Who will be willing to stand up and make the unpopular – but necessary – budget cuts?


Will we continue to grant bail-outs to every industry that asks, or – as in the case of the banking industry – demands money?


In 2011 who will bring concrete and fresh ideas that will create the next wave of innovation in America? I think we are about due for a Renaissance.


Will elected officials finally start listening to “We the People” in 2011? Or will they still answer only to their corporate masters? I already know the answer to this one, but I’m trying to hold onto some shred of hope.


What are the most important issues we face in 2011? Is it the economy, deficits, spending, illegal immigration, nuclear proliferation in Iran, continuing to fight against unnamed terrorists around the world? And by the way, where is Osama?


Clearly we should defend ourselves from aggressors, but a blanket “war on terror” seems to benefit the military-industrial complex more than anyone else. I’m just saying…


Locally, for us, what are the most important issues Frederick County will face in 2011?


What matters most to you? If you have to name one or two issues that you feel are absolutely the most critical to the county, what would they be? And how would you handle resolving those issues?


In 2011, it would be refreshing for politicians from either party to stop complaining across the aisle and instead offer real solutions, or alternatives that will actually move us toward resolution for some the most important issues we must face head-on this year.


I’m a realist, so I don’t expect things to be all that different in 2011 than they were in 2010. But I still have hope in individuals that there will be many positive things that occur this year.


Just look at what happened here in Frederick just a few short weeks ago. Over $150,000 was raised through Christmas Cash for Kids to help ensure that needy children in Frederick County would be able to enjoy opening presents on Christmas morning.


On that positive note, here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous and positive 2011 for all of us.


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