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January 13, 2003

3. a. Epiphany

J. D. Hulse

A strange title I know. I have been told that my writing last year was a little too mushy. "Tugging at heart-strings is not how a serious writer makes an impression".

Well, I don't consider myself to be a serious writer; just a guy looking around, having a glass of wine and letting himself relax in front of a key board.

Last year for me was fraught with (insert your own adjective here) crap. I won't bore you with the details because as a wise friend of mine recently said "just when you think your life is ----, you look out your car door window and see how your life could have been if …" I try to keep my eyes forward at all times. Okay, once in a while I peek.

New Year's Eve is a time for most people to celebrate, forget the old, bring in the new. For me it means 12 more days till inventory. Being in retail for over 15 years I have been waiting for my "Miracle on 34th Street" This year I think the magic finally happened.

Sunday: a day of rest, a day J.D. had off…until…..

Saturday, an invitation for a late afternoon cocktail party, a promise made last week to visit an older lady friend, then a brunch at home for total strangers was added to the start of my day. I just wanted to enjoy a long morning with my down comforter! But NO, I had to be of the world and in the world.

I started Sunday actually cursing the Wise Men. Why couldn't they come a day later? Tuesdays are always good! Why can't the holiday's end with Martha Stewart dragging them into her chicken coop or cranberry bog?!

I get out of bed. Set the table for company , make a pitcher of Mamosas and watched the snow start. Maybe they won't come, maybe all the food I bought will go to waste. Maybe I can just go back to bed!!!!

They came, we ate and drank, I had a fabulous time.

The snow really came down toward the end of their visit and they opted to go home instead of opening another bottle of champagne. I sat and had a revealing conversation for the hour and a half till the cocktail party.

We went to the party, something we weren't sure of. Again, a fabulous time. Neighbors we hadn't seen since before Thanksgiving, and a few new friends for the New Year.

Off through the snow across the tundra (Baker Park) for more Holiday Cheer (and honest conversation) and a smile of things to come by way of an amaryllis bulb (you, too, old lady will blossom when it does!) then back across the snow covered landscape.

How could a day be more perfect? How much better could a Holiday Season end?!

3.a. Epiphany ( - a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

I have never been big on New Year’s Resolutions but I did make a couple of "promises" to myself. I wanted to pay a little less attention to work and concentrate on life. I wanted to be "in the moment" as opposed to anticipating it. I wanted to give a little more time of myself to those I loved and causes I believed in.

The walk back home was a combination of a couple of those promises.

It was late and I had to work in the morning, but there was still time to make a few snow angels in friend's yards. A snowball fight was next in line, as well as an Irish Coffee before bedtime.

I received a gift of the Three Wise Men for Christmas and told friends that to me they represented Christmas to me more than anything else. Imagine three guys, having a feeling, hopping on their personal choice of transportation and following this star.



A Miracle.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Just look inside yourself and to the sky.

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