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December 6, 2010

íTis the Season

Michael Kurtianyk

There are so many things swirling around the county this holiday season that it’s tough to keep track of everything. Last Friday evening, our family attended Middletown’s “Christmas in the Valley” event. The evening began with participants donating a gift, and in return, the child would receive a stocking.


The families would then go to different businesses and receive coupons and candy and gifts for visiting. It’s a lot like Halloween all over again for the children. For us, it was a great opportunity to visit our friends who are business owners in town, and support all that they do.


Later we sang Christmas Carols around the decorated, but unlit, Christmas tree near the center of town. After a few carols, we counted down from 10, led by Burgess John Miller, until the Christmas tree was lit.


It was shortly thereafter that a fire engine came up the street, with Santa Claus in the front. The children cheered when he got out and talked to them. He went around the corner and down “Santa’s Alley,” to hear what everyone wanted for Christmas. My thought was to tell him that I didn’t get what I wanted, but I figured that all he’d say was that Christmas occurs on December 25th, and not November 2nd.


Our family then went to Zion Lutheran Church for performances by the Middletown High School Choir, the Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance, and others. Each town has their own festivals and activities, and this one truly represented the spirit of Middletown: humble, yet proud of its heritage; embracing the future while honoring its past; and a strong, shared sense of community. The organizers did a great job with the events, and should be proud of their work.


The streets were blocked off by members of the sheriff’s department; and I chatted with one of the deputies because I’d met him for the first time earlier that day.


This is what happened: my wife Brenda noticed that there were fingerprints on the window and figured that our girls had some reason to smudge them. However, upon closer inspection, the prints were on the outside. She looked out the window and saw that the screen was on the ground. She called me, and we noticed a second screen, this one from a window on the deck. When we looked at both of the windows, we noticed that neither of the windows was damaged. It was as if the perpetrator had seen that since the windows were latched, he either had to break the glass, or walk away. It seems the person chose the latter.


On the heels of another incident a few houses down, wherein a bicycle was stolen from someone’s garage (only to be found at a neighbor’s house the next day), this caused us some concern. We contacted the Sheriff’s Department, and within 30 minutes, a deputy arrived. It was this deputy that I saw later that evening in town. After taking my statement, he called for an evidence technician to come out and dust for fingerprints. We don’t know if the fingerprints were clear enough to run through the system, but we hope so.


It seems that this season has seen its fair share of thefts. There were reports of packages stolen from peoples’ front doors, and vandalism in various parts of our county. There are many that do not make the papers, yet they do occur, like at our house. The deputies were professional throughout the incident, and answered my questions respectfully.


So, getting back to the deputy we saw at Christmas in the Valley, I joked with him that instead of being out here, he should be out looking for the person who tried to break into our house. He responded by saying: “I am out on the streets looking for him, and won’t stop until I do so.”


Well said, indeed.


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