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November 30, 2010

Second Elections Thoughts

Roy Meachum

Winchester Hall acquires four newly elected commissioners Wednesday; David Gray was the single county ruler who was approved by voters before.


Blaine Young received appointment when nice guy Charles Jenkins chose to take the bump up to delegate. It should be noted, after the swearing-in, all five members of the Frederick County Commission are Republicans. In that run for Annapolis, Charles was clipped from behind by Alex Mooney’s protégé, Michael Hough.


Since the three-term state senator’s career was cast on the clipping room floor, I understand that many who started out in the campaign intending to vote for my “littlest fascist;” thought better and favored Frederick’s former Mayor Ron Young, a Democrat.


Generally pleased with the elections especially since nice-guy Patrick Hogan returned to the House of Delegates; I was nonplused that so many voters cast straight tickets. How can anyone surrender free will and automatically okay candidates simply because they belong to a political party. In my mind, they should live in a totalitarian state run by a dictator who could show them exactly how to make their votes totally useless by bringing in the tanks and bayonets.


Since I moved up from Bethesda nearly 27 years ago, this will be the first month that the signs in the Winchester Hall parking lot is bereft of a female name, as it has been duly noted and commentated on several times, always with remarkable bitterness.


Knowing well several of the new commissioners – and their wives – I can unequivocally state there’s not a misogynist among the five, which is to say all five love women exceedingly. Voters of all sexual, political and religious preferences create the situation Frederick County must live with over the next four years. Of course, if no one resigns or dies.


I voted for a woman trying for Winchester Hall; she didn’t win. Am I bitter or frustrated? No way. Our American heritage requires we must accept the electorate’s will. What this country is really about has everything to do with accepting the will of the people when they vote.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church was my Agora where ancient Athenians cast their ballots. In the basement very few men worked gathering votes; I’ve voted in two other Frederick locations and the female/male balance was always about the same. I mention the fact so that no one can guess men arranged for other men to get in. No way!


Furthermore, the majority of names registered with the Board of Elections are female; they vote, furthermore, more than males. Does anyone really think women worked very hard to exclude other women? Not hardly, as I used to say as a Southern child.


There’s been general commiseration in state ranks since Bob Ehrlich and the balance of the GOP slate candidates lost. Since I came to Maryland, while I was still in the Army, near Glen Echo, the only non-Democratic governor I’ve known was Spiro “Ted” Agnew. My favorite U.S. Senator was Republican Charles “Mac” Mathias, but that was before I moved to Frederick, and was younger and more liberal.


Incidentally, I voted against Mr. Ehrlich because I abhorred the job he did in the State House before; I’m not that fond of the present governor’s Irish mafia. The former GOP leader thoroughly antagonized me by wholesale firing Democrats, no matter their merit.


On the other hand, as I said, all the incoming county commissioners are Republicans. Ron Young and my old friend Galen Clagett are the only Democrats to win earlier this month.


That reminds me of my favorite lame joke; it was told by Alex Mooney. The ex-state senator remarked, after his loss, the district was turning more and more Democratic. No, my littlest fascist, Republicans were sick of you and that’s the real reason you lost.


See you at the Fairgrounds for the swearing-in.



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