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As Long as We Remember...

November 26, 2010

No “I” in Winchester Hall’s Team

Adam Avery

This offseason the National Basketball Association’s Miami Heat basked in the glow while forming what is supposed to be a “can’t miss” team for this season.


Through trades and millions of dollars in compensation, perennial All-Star Guard Dwayne Wade was united with Forward King (LeBron) James and Center Chris Bosh, a triumvirate predicted to blow through the Eastern Conference- and upend the Boston Celtics – on their way to countless future World Championships.


Selflessness, hustle, chemistry, teamwork and multiple rings were promised.


It hasn’t quite worked out as planned. At the time of this writing, the Heat is a .500 team in their last 10 games and have lost two consecutively at home to sub .500 teams.


They are giving up five points more than they are scoring in the paint. They hold no rebounding edge against opponents. They have no low-post scorer. A possible season ending injury to supporting actor Udonis Haslem (forward) and a nagging wrist injury to Wade are hindering consistency.


King James is reportedly not having fun, NBA code for being a sore loser.


What isn’t being considered and where blame should lay is at the feet of the giant egos who perpetrated the circus-like atmosphere which surrounded the team during the offseason.


Instead of quietly assembling a contender and allowing the team’s on-court play to do the talking, the Heat brass, their fans, and the Chosen Three staged pompous public unveilings which combined homoeroticism with Cirque Du Soleil.


Cleveland fans, once devastated by the dissing King James delivered on his way south, are now cheering for a Heat implosion. Fans of other teams, disgusted by Heat hubris, are hoping for a disastrous season.


Book me a seat on that bandwagon.


They talked a great game. So far, they haven’t delivered.


Closer to home, a foursome of like-minded county commissioners formed a team of their own in the electoral offseason.


They promised selflessness, hustle, chemistry and teamwork; the necessary ingredients to break from politics as usual.


Their season is longer – four years to be exact – and though they haven’t even hit the court yet, they are already showing signs of success.


They have hit the ground running.


Don’t expect any ostentation out of this quartet. They prefer to let their play do the talking.


We voted for change. Subtle demonstrations are already in progress.


Let’s start with the symbolic: Jettisoned are the personalized vanity plates. No more assigned parking. Spaces are simply labeled “Commissioner.” First come, first served. Paying homage to schools like Penn State University, there is no need to identify individual players.


They are one team.


There will be a swearing in ceremony on December 1st; but you and I aren’t paying for it. It will be a party paid for by the hosts and supported by local businesses, for a fee payable directly by our commissioners, not taxpayer funds.


Laptops, Blackberries and personal assistants will be used efficiently: They will buy their own computers, pay for their own communication devices and consolidate paid staff.


You want substance? First order of business will be motions to eliminate pensions for commissioners and an offer of, but not to pay for health insurance. And forget about an expense account. Those will be eliminated.


Need more game? How about a concerted effort to shrink county government positions and replace with privatization?


To make sure voters receive proof of movement toward the mandate, a working relationship with a majority Board of Education hell-bent on tempering the arrogance which gushes from the status quo at the Taj Mahal. How does an immediate $10M cut to the administration sound?


Ever heard of WashCog and MaCo? Me either. I am told it is a service which alarms us to the goings on in the Washington Metro Area which may be of concern to us. We may have to give up the heads-up of important information like which Metro Area municipalities have banned grass mowing or washing cars in the summer – ostensibly facts which effect Frederick County.


Waste like this will be swept away.


Undoubtedly, our team of county commissioners will face a strong defense by the establishment. Their fast breaks will be slowed by state mandates. They will hustle for loose change in the budget. They will tend to over reach in their quest to deliver wins for the citizens who elected them to pick apart the status-quo – one play at a time. In the end, they will stand with us as champions of redefining government.


They lack a King, but have Knights in spades.


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