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As Long as We Remember...

January 2, 2003

Headlines We Never Saw In 2002

John P. Snyder

Despite the best efforts of some, here is an incomplete roundup of headlines that were simply not to be in Frederick County in the year 2002.

1. Commuters Flock To New MARC Train In Frederick. Well, 287 of them did. But that is way below what was anticipated and it may takes years for that number to move upward. Itís too painful to consider the actual cost per rider. It might be cheaper to hail them each a cab every morning. On the other hand, if you worked in downtown Brunswick the MARC is convenient.

2. Kennedy Dynasty Starts Anew In Maryland Mark Shriver was knocked off by Chris Van Hollen and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend by Bob Ehrlich. How could the ungrateful people of Maryland be so cruel? They just wanted to lead us out of the darkness into our indispensable destiny.

3. Mayor Dougherty: "I Value The Views And Input Of The Alderman". The local media does a good job of keeping the alderman informed of the issues before the City of Frederick. Otherwise they would be in the dark. All the fluff pieces in the Washington Post will not add luster to an administration that has the look and feel of a one termer.

4. Marylanders Bid A Fond Farewell To Governor Parris Glendening Actually, its more like, "don't call us, we'll call you." A true liberal/socialist (although he calls himself a "progressive"). Just because the money is gone is no reason to stop spending. He did initiate a fund to provide textbooks for non-public schools in Maryland. Even when the teachers union threw hissey fits, he stuck to his guns. Not much to like after that, however.

5. Frederick Dems: District 3 And 3A/3B Belong To Us The Governor helped matters by carving up a district that appeared hospitable to Democrats. Republican hotbeds of Middletown and Walkersville were put in District 4. Frederick and Brunswick were tied together. After the primaries, a Hecht win seemed possible and Zimmerman/Clagett seemed better than Hogan/Brooks. Unforeseen was the tremendous Ehrlich tide that made it difficult for any Democrat to win. Some Republicans were queasy about Tim Brooks, so it was between Clagett and Zimmerman for their votes. A known moderate Democrat, Galen Clagett prevailed. Jefferson, Kemptown and Urbana took the place of Walkersville and Middletown for the Republicans. Frederick City was a major disappointment for the Democrats. Brunswick, long believed to be a Dem stronghold, went for Alex Mooney by 250 votes.

6. Del. Hecht: "Thanks To Me, The Sun Rises And Sets Everyday In Frederick". Although she did not make this grand claim, any dollar that happened to arrive in Frederick from Annapolis was, according to her, because of her influence. Formulas for state funding in most areas dictated our share of outlays each year. This didn't stop Ms. Hecht from taking credit. Although she sat on the House Appropriations Committee, she did not take credit for the $1.8 billion deficit the state faces.

7. Republicans For Hecht Gathers Momentum Progress was halted when it dawned on some that participation in this group would make it difficult to get a job in the new Erhlich administration.

As I mentioned above, this is an incomplete list of headlines never seen. Happy New Year to All. May everyone get their "Unfair Share of the Business".

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