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As Long as We Remember...

November 4, 2010

Post Analysis and Instructions…

Joan Marie Aquilino

Wow, what an election that was; and now the difficult part for me, putting it into a few words to share with you without sounding bitter or overly happy.


Last night I spent doing commentary at Barley & Hops. Frederick Forum’s Pattee Brown and I (we dubbed ourselves the PB&J show) did an remote production, interviewing candidates, or anyone willing to give us their opinions and thoughts plus election results. It was a hoot at times, intimidating at others, and just plain winging it most of the time.


Honestly for a first time effort and with the technical genius of Max, the financing of Adam Avery, the ‘Just Joan’ producer Mike Catoe, our host for the evening Gary Brooks and experience of Pattee Brown, I think we did just fine for a first time attempt. Given that I haven’t watched it in rerun form yet, I do reserve the right to change my opinion.


Enough dribble about us, now for the main course, “THE ELECTION.” That was one rollercoaster ride and as happy as I was one moment I was saddened the next. Some quick highs and lows from this election season.


Maryland is left to be controlled by a liberal spend and tax governor. You get what you voted for and I’m very frustrated, jobless and broke and have no expectation of the State of Maryland improving.


Delegates in District 4-A: Over the moon thrilled about my friend Kelly Schulz taking the number one spot with no ifs ands or buts this time. The way Kelly weathered the primaries was a true indicator of how she will handle life as a delegate. She can be a bulldog when needed, but she chases that with a shot of grace and dignity always. She and Kathy Afzali both will be heading to Annapolis in January to take that liberal House head on.


Senate Race in District 3: Ugly, disgusting, embarrassing and – did I mention – UGLY. I’m so disappointed for those in that district and hope between now, and three years from now you can come up with a candidate we can be proud to serve us. We got rid of exactly what I think needed to be gotten rid of; but we replaced him with a tax and spend liberal whom I pray won’t forget us but will also be in bed with exactly what I hate about our state government. This truly was a No Win situation for the voters.


Delegate in District 3-B: You voters lost all the way around. You missed the boat in the primaries when you lost Charles Jenkins.


Delegate in District 3-A: Sanity re-emerged with Patrick Hogan going back to Annapolis. Patrick will take his previous knowledge and continue fighting for us in the liberal circus we know as The Maryland General Assembly.


Hogan, Schulz, Afzali and Sen. David Brinkley, talk to us, tell us what is happening in Annapolis. My venue of WebTV (on is at your disposal use it, no excuses.


Frederick County Board of Education: I’m saddened Colleen Cusimano didn’t make it. Colleen and others, two years is not long catch your breath and come back stronger in 2012.


Jimmie Reeder, April Miller, and Brad Young changed a decade long complexion of the school board and will give it back to the taxpayers, parents, and teachers while protecting education and children in a fiscally conservative – and responsible – manner. They will, hopefully, teach how the educated use of money can educate to the benefit of everyone involved. They promised to be held accountable for their actions and to keep it simple and transparent.


You three now make a majority, (with the support of Incumbent Donna Crook) and I expect nothing less and will personally hold you accountable for putting the children first and foremost in all your deliberations, along with actual classroom teachers. Last, but not least, DO NOT threaten us with taking away from our children, our teachers or anything involved within the school itself until you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt everything else has been cut to the bone.


Enough was enough and I expect better from you three. Get us a count of all legally documented students and then use the title of teacher only for those actually teaching students. Help us to help you.


Frederick Board of County Commissioners: Finally a majority saw what a minority of us have been talking about for the past four years.


My one disappointment is not having Michael Kurtianyk on board. The Republican sweep (Blaine Young, Kirby Delauter, Billy Shreve, Paul Smith and David Gray), I never expected that one.


Be receptive and respectful to the public (all sides), remember we are your bosses, and I don’t expect from you:


* Four years of no one holding themselves accountable and blaming prior boards – make a mistake, show some character and apologize & fix it


p.s. apologies don’t have the word ‘but’ in them.


Four years of stripping the past to reform in their self imagine. No more ‘individual personal’ agenda days wasting time.


Four years of less than five commissioners doing their fair share – no more.


The past is over, new day, new board. No more special interest groups monopolizing yours, or our, attention on either side. Do the public hearings, take emails for a predetermined amount of time and then do what you were hired to do. Make a decision and move on. No more micro-managing; let staff do their jobs.


Stop recycling the same old garbage because you might get stung.


Serve the residents in this county to the best of your ability. No political posturing and no more campaigning.


Memo to the newly elected county commissioners: send Mike Marschner, the county’s director of Utilities and Solid Waste Management, a dozen roses; loose his resignation letter and maybe he’ll forget he wrote it. Next, visit Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and do the right thing there also.


Be Responsible Leaders!


Be Respectful of other elected officials, staff, and especially the public!


Don’t Waste Taxpayers Money or Time!


. . . ’til next time


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