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November 3, 2010

Itís over!

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – I am just glad that none of the reported horrible television and radio ads, flyers, signs and other rhetoric ever made it here to Borneo. Although I think it came close. Maybe I carried some of that baggage back here with me from my recent visit.


The voters were mad and frustrated. It reminded me of that movie, I forget the name, where the news anchor said “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”.


Maybe after this election, the anger will have been spent and the nation can get back on track and solve some of the problems.


They are still there. Healthcare, immigration, rebuilding the infrastructure, controlling Wall Street and the bankers all need attention. Now that sobriety has settled in after the drunken rage, maybe we can all work together to solve the problems.


As for Frederick County, that Wheelabrator company, who sold some people on the incinerator, needs to be investigated. The newly elected commissioners, whether they are the same ones or not, must look a lot more closely at that company. People have said the incinerator issue has been studied to death, but maybe they have not looked very closely at Wheelabrator. I have a hunch they did many of the studies.


From my last column where I exposed both Covanta and Wheelabrator, The editor forwarded requests for me to contact them. I refused. I told my editor/publisher to tell them to write a “Letter to the Editor.” This is the proper way for events to unfold. If they have something to say, let them say it to everyone.


It is also interesting that after my column appeared that Michael Marschner, Frederick County’s director of Utilities and Solid Waste Management, resigned/retired, effective December 17, 2010. He wrote an email, more of an emotional rant, against Kai Hagen where he accused the commissioner of everything but starting the Civil War.


I am sure Mr. Marschner is a fine gentleman and seems to be beloved by many. I hope he enjoys his many years of retirement. But, now that he is gone, we must examine very carefully the company that he has hired (or the commissioners approved on his recommendation) with clear eyes and without his influence. There are just too many questions about Wheelabrator’s involvement with other projects across the nation.


There will always be battles between environmentalists and developers. Here in Borneo, the conflict about cutting down rain forests for oil palm plantations is no different than those who want to build houses on farmland in Frederick County. In both instances, there must be compromise between the two opposing armies because both are right and both are wrong at the same time.


To those who won their elections, congratulations. To those who lost, thank you for standing up for democracy and keep involved in the political process. Your opinions and experience are valuable to all of us.


…Life is good


For science, culture and life in Borneo, check out my blog at or on FaceBook at BorneoTom.


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