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As Long as We Remember...

October 29, 2010

VOTE It Matters

Joe Charlebois

I used to plead with my college roommate that he needed to vote. Vote for someone. Research the candidates and choose the one that you feel best portrays your values.


He used to say “It doesn’t make a difference…they are all the same.”


This used to drive me nuts as I felt that there was a distinct difference in the two major parties.


Ronald Reagan had just finished his second term and George H. W. Bush was elected into the office of the presidency.


At the time there definitely was a difference between the two parties. The “Contract With America” proved that in 1994.


But somewhere along the way, the Republicans, once assuming control of Congress, fell into the same spending habits and entrenched “swamp” mentality that they fought against.


In a way, the past dozen years or so, my roommate’s thoughts have been proved only too accurate. The Republican Party had moderated to a point of losing its conservative strength that was built up during the Reagan years.


Now with dissatisfaction at an epic high, voters of all persuasions have realized that power has gone unchecked to the left of both parties.  Thus the Tea Party was born.


Whether enough Tea Party candidates (nearly all Republican) are elected, and are able to have a say in the upcoming congressional session, will play out in due time. The vast majority of voters hope that they are not co-opted by the current leadership. They don’t want any moderation of their views; they want “real change.”


This year it does matter for whom you vote. November 2nd will be telling of what direction this country will take in the next two years and beyond.


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