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October 21, 2010

A Smorgasbord on Election Eve

Joan Marie Aquilino

Well, it's almost over, that is if You, the citizen, taxpaying resident gets yourself to the polls and vote November 2! Stop the whining, belly aching and excuses; just pay attention, learn and VOTE!!! You’ve even have a choice of methods so the most common excuse used, “I forgot” or “had to work,” are false, wrong and worthless.


Be Responsible and Do the Right Thing for the Right Reasons. You have more options and availability to vote than most obligations in life. It’s your responsibility to learn about the candidates; they all have the information out there and, if they don’t, shame on them.


If I had my way, and I obviously don’t, I’d double the taxes on anyone who didn’t charge themselves with learning enough about the candidates and then getting themselves to the polls to place their well-researched and educated votes.


I went to the House of Delegate forum Tuesday night at Frederick Community College, and I'm either really, really bored or already know everything everyone is going to say It was rather lame overall.


The questions were good, at least the first time around; but many, if not all, got reworded and re-asked. Now that was the lame part. Don’t waste my time, please.


Having said all that, it's still worth watching when it comes out on video. Many of the candidates sounded as bored with the same questions as the audience because most mentioned they had just answered that, or asked “haven't we been answering that all evening.” They were all correct this time.


The funniest part and, yep, there were a few chuckles, was when a couple of the candidates would say something to that effect and many audience members would look at each other and mouth the words, "They never answered it the first time and still haven’t.” Now that part was worth the price of admittance because you know what that tells you?


It tells you, the candidate doesn't 'LISTEN,' and all they are thinking about is what they have to say; and they need everyone to shut up and listen to them. It’s all about them. They really don’t care what those, whom they want to represent, want, have to say or think.


Even when a candidate bumbled their answer, I appreciated the effort, and many times you could tell it was nerves and not a lack of knowledge. Of course, sometimes without necessarily trying, they gave a true and clear picture of what they actually do stand for and how they will conduct themselves. Not always a pretty picture.


What I don't appreciate is the candidate who cannot talk off script. They are so rehearsed that no matter what the question, the key words are heard and off they go ............... with their rhetoric. Rhetoric might be a harsh way of saying it, but after being served the same pabulum for months and, in some cases years, even their smooth consistency gets difficult to swallow.


Last, but by all means not least, don’t forget to tune into the ‘Just Joan’ show on to get educated on candidates and Frederick County in general.


This Friday at noon, I’ll have Ryan Trout and Bonita Currey both Democrat candidates for District 4A, followed by David Gray and Michael Kurtianyk, candidates for Board of County Commissioners. Adam and I will also be winding up the election season and trying to get in all the Board of Education candidates and anyone else we might have missed.


Then there is always the Adam Avery specials and the ever weird, sometimes comical, but always strange, show on Mondays. All these shows can be found by visiting the individual’s Facebook pages, or


. . . 'til next time

Tune into the “Just Joan” show hosted by Joan Aquilino on Fridays at noon

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