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October 4, 2010

Campaign Diary Throwing Candy

Michael Kurtianyk

Saturday, Sept. 25 – Middletown Parade


I met with a gentleman a few weeks ago named Peter Murray, who performs cost segregation analytical services for businesses. It was set up by a mutual friend, who suggested we meet.


During the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I’d be participating in the upcoming Middletown Heritage Days Parade. I said that I would like to have had a convertible to ride in, so as not to walk the whole way. Peter said that his mother-in-law had one, and would ask her.


Fast-forward to today, and I’m sitting in the back of a 1959 Thunderbird. This was one of the coolest things I’d ever experienced, and I rode with Brenda and Alexis (Tara was with the Dee Buchanan Dance Studio entourage). The three of us threw candy at the children (and adults) along the parade route. I kept saying that I would make a better commissioner than a candy thrower! I said that, of course, jokingly, and everyone along the route knew that I was joking.


As we neared the judge’s booth and the emcee, we would stop more frequently. Groups ahead of us paused to pose, dance, sing, and do other things. It was during a few of these stops that I said to the crowd: “As your next county commissioner, I vow to commit to eliminating all stink bugs from Middletown.”


The people along the parade route cheered when I said that, some saying that I’d get their vote now. Of course, before some readers pull that quote from this piece out of context and post it as ammunition against me, it is important to state that I said this jokingly, and it was all in good fun. The stink bugs are currently the topic on everyone’s mind, and why waste the time at a full stop by not saying anything? It was fun, and thanks to Peter for securing the convertible for me.


Tuesday, Sept. 28 – Chamber of Commerce Expo


I had the good fortune of going to the Chamber of Commerce Expo today, held at the Holiday Inn at the Francis Scott Key Mall. Open to the public, the Expo featured over 80 companies and provided many networking opportunities for all of us who attended. Though I did get to meet many new people and learn about their companies, I enjoyed also reacquainting myself with the company representatives I’ve known since I became a member in 2000. It was like a homecoming for me as I caught up with my friends in the business industry, small businesses mostly, who are struggling in these tough economic times.


At the front table, I caught up with Tim Winter, my campaign treasurer. We both saw that the chamber had a contest rewarding the first person who noticed the first typographical error in the Expo 2010 Program with a certificate for two free “Epic Buffet” dinners at Charles Town Races. Tim said: “You know I’m going to find it before you.” I said: “Are you really trash talking me?” Well, I did catch it just moments before Tim did, and I won the certificate. I can’t wait to tell Brenda.


Wednesday, Sept. 29 – Rotary Lunch


Since I had another commitment last night, I did a Rotary makeup at today’s lunch at Dutch’s Daughter. It just so happened that Gov. Martin O’Malley was the guest speaker. Working from notes part of the time, Governor O’Malley also took questions from the audience. I am glad to have gone to this meeting, and I did get my picture taken with the governor, which I posted on my campaign Facebook page.


Thursday, Sept. 30 – John Norman


It was with sadness that I read of the passing of John Norman. He was appointed by Governor O'Malley to fill a vacancy on the Orphans' Court five months ago. John was seeking a full four-year term on the court and was on the campaign trail. I met him at several stops, specifically at the carnivals this summer. He was always kind and cordial to me, and though he didn’t say much, he did encourage me and was always complimentary.


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