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October 1, 2010

Left Wing Ideologues March in DC

Joe Charlebois

This Saturday on the Washington Mall a coalition of socialist, progressive and labor leaders called One Nation Working Together will call for the installation of European style socialism and a dismissal of critical pieces of our Constitution.


They won’t actually call for the dismantling of our Constitution but ways for the federal government to provide for the masses all the answers to the problems that we face as a society.


Who is “One Nation Working Together?”


Per the movement’s website it lists 11 points describing the organization – “Who We Are” and 11 points of “Why We March.”


In describing themselves “One Nation Working Together” is every possible American. It is the young, the baby boomer and the old. It is the conservative, the moderate and the progressive. It is those of different faiths, races, sexual orientation, gender identity and ethnicities. They even describe themselves as “new immigrants confronting the shadows that are bigotry and mass deportations.”


The last two of the 11 points describe those who have been the hardest hit over the past few years. It specifically speaks to the millions of those who were “thrown out of their jobs, schools, houses, farms, and small businesses – while Wall Street’s wrongdoers got bailed out,” as well as the unemployed whom the U.S. Senate wouldn’t help.


Who are they really?


Of the 400 organizations, unions make up a majority of the representatives led by the SEIU, Teamsters, AFL-CIO and government workers unions such as AFSCME. Other prominent groups include civil rights organizations such as the NAACP, the Urban League, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and The National Council of La Raza.


Groups that seemingly are unrelated to the purpose of “One Nation Working Together” will be joining the march as well. Those include gay rights groups, peace activists and environmental activists.


But amazingly, after years of denials and castigation toward those who labeled the far left as Marxist, socialist or even communist, the promoters proudly recognize their association with the Communist Party USA, Progressive Democrats of America and the Democratic Socialists of America.


There is no pretense here. This is a loose coalition of left wing ideologues whose goal is to break down The Constitution even further than it has been already and mold it in their image of group rights.


None of the hundreds of organizations that have signed onto support of this march strive for individual rights as presented in the founding documents of this country. On the contrary they are proponents of group, class and race politics.


They buy into the concept that we are nothing without being defined by our race, class, sexual orientation or ethnicity.


What do they look to accomplish?


The stated goal as to why they march is for “jobs, justice and education,” a return to the Keynesian policies instituted after the Great Depression, an end to racial profiling and re-segregation, fix the “broken immigration system,” unjustified military spending and prisons.


The march sponsors also call for “full equality for all women” in regards to wage discrimination, a clean environment and a world-class public education system. They, of course, march for energy independence, green jobs and a greater public transportation system as well.


There is also the obligatory shot taken at the “wealthy” and their tax cuts.


But really why are they marching?


They will call for the government to provide jobs; even though Washington does not exist to provide jobs. They will call for justice; even though our system of justice is among the best in the world. They will call for increased funding to provide the best public education system in the world; even though we spend more per student than nearly every country (per capita). Public education can be good again if the shackles of politics are removed and true choice in education is granted.


The “national values” that One Nation speaks of during the Great Depression – government handouts – did nothing to get us out of the depression but rather extended it unnecessarily. Continued calls for bailouts of big business and unemployed workers will do nothing to get us out of this recession any faster.


They also call for a clean environment and equal treatment for women in the workplace; who doesn’t?


This is anything but a mainstream American organization. The makeup of this organization is so narrow that it fits neatly to the left of the Democrat Party. Even the self described Tea Party supporters actually mirror the American public better than either the Republican or Democratic parties, according to nearly every survey.


This march represents nothing more than a desperate attempt to pump up the extreme left base for November’s elections by relying on class envy and racial politics.


The American public is more aware of the issues than ever before and can see through the empty rhetoric that will accompany this rally on Saturday.


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