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December 24, 2002

A Jenita Christmas Carol - Part Four: The Ghost of Christmas Future

David 'Kip' Koontz

(Editor's Note! This is a parody of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. This time the setting is historic Frederick at the present.)

As Jeneezer tosses and turns in her sleep with the visions of what she has seen the clock again begins to chime.

On the last chime the house begins to shake, her bed moving across the room.

Thunder and lightening crash around her as she awakens and sits straight upright in her bed.

"What's going on, what's happening?" Jeneezer cries.

At that a dark figure approaches, dressed in a dark cape, a hood covering a faceless head.

"Who are you," Jeneezer inquires.

The figure remains silent as he motions her out of bed.

"Are you the third visitor Evita said would visit," Jeneezer asks.

The figure simply points to his sleeve as Jeneezer grabs onto it. "Will you not speak to me? What is it you want," Jeneezer implores. "Will you not make yourself known," she continues.

Again, no response.

"Are you the ghost of Christmas future," Ms. Scrooge asks as the specter simply nods and again points for her to grab his cloak.

As she does the most furious of storms, enough to end any drought, ensues as the two reach their first destination.

"What is this, where is this," Jeneezer asks. "Why, why I have seen them, that is the family where the father lost his job when I imposed the building moratorium, what are they doing here, in a parking lot? Are they living in their car? Yes, that is what it looks like, but we had to have the moratorium so others could have water, it was necessary, who knew it would go on so long," Jeneezer says.

"But spirit, what happens to them, do they stay living in their car?"

The spirit only continues to point at the scene.

Soon the spirit beckons Ms. Scrooge to again take his sleeve and as she does they arrive at their next visit.

"That's the Weinberg, why is it dark? Why is it boarded up? Where are the shows, the concerts? Didn't they make enough money to survive?" Jeneezer asks again as the specter simply points at the closed theatre.

Again he has Jeneezer take his sleeve as the two arrive at a barn on the outskirts of town.

"Where is this place? Why do you show me this? I do not know this place," Jeneezer declares.

At this she hears singing, "For unto us a Child is born, unto us, a son is givenů"

"What? Why are they performing in a barn? And the accompaniment, it sounds like they are playing washtubs and sticks," Jeneezer states.

"What has happened here?" Jeneezer asks of the ghost, who again simply points at the scene.

Again, he demands that Jeneezer take his sleeve as the two go to their final stop.

"What is going on here," Jeneezer asks.

"This doesn't look like Christmas, it looks like a campaign rally." Jeneezer states as the specter points to the crowd.

Around them is indeed a party, an election night party with several hundred celebrants shouting and dancing with happiness, waving signs and balloons and singing, "Ding, dong the witch is gone, which old witch? The Jeneezer witch, ding, dong, the wicked witch is gone!"

"Why, spirit, what is going on here, I know people here and they are people who supported me, why are they singing that? There are many, many Democrats here," Jeneezer cries.

"Of whom do they speak?" Jeneezer implores as the specter points to the signs the gathered are waving.

"Oh, my, that can't be!" Jeneezer exclaims, as she sees her picture on the signs wearing a witch hat in the center of a red circle with the slash through it and the words, "Anyone But Jeneezer!"

"But spirit, are these things etched in stone? Can they not be changed? Why do you show me these things if they cannot be changed? Oh, spirit tell me," Jeneezer cries again.

With that the sounds of the furious storm again surrounds Jeneezer as she finds herself again sitting in her bed.

She jumps out of bed and runs to her window and flings it open and sees several passersby, "You there," she shouts and, as they recognize her, they begin to hurry past, "No stop, tell me what day is it? Jeneezer asks.

"Why, Ms. Mayor, it is Christmas," they respond.

Only the next three years will tell us if Jeneezer learns from her experiences, if she gleans any messages in what is said and written about her, for she alone is the one (along with the voters) who will determine her destiny.

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